1/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

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    That's really interesting High Wood, it seems the man in your documents passed around the same time as Hugh.

    TD, Thank you I must have read it wrong I thought I needed the certificate, I have since found out that Hugh was killed when the landrover he was in hit a mine.

    I've been looking into him as I had reason to believe he may have been my grandfather but if they didn't get leave in WW2 then it's not really possible for him to have fathered a child back home.
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    As the Landrover wasnt introduced until 1948 I would suggest it was probably a jeep

    His service records will tell where he was in the world and when during WW2 - you will be guessing otherwise

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    Slightly later than the man whose details I posted. Hugh Morrisey was originally reported missing.

    Morrisey 1.jpg
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    Later confirmed as Killed in Action..
    Morrisey 2.jpg
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