1/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

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    Would anyone be able to tell me how I would find out the movements of the above unit?
    I'm interested in Fusilier Hugh Morissey 3598846 who is remembered at Rangoon Memorial, date of death is given as 09/06/1944, the local Burnley newspaper reports him as being missing from this date rather than deceased ( the newspaper is dated 8th July 1944) It seems Hugh went missing with Fusilier Thomas Warner 3456746

    I'm particular interested to know when Fusilier Morissey would have been in Burma from, had they been there days or months.

    Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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    firstly apply for his service records
    Get a copy of military service records

    then the war diaries

    a few members on here offer a copy service from the national archives for a reasonable fee
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    you have his surname wrong

    Fusilier MORRISEY, HUGH
    Service Number 3598846

    Died 09/06/1944

    Aged 23

    1/8th Bn.
    Lancashire Fusiliers

    Son of Mrs. A. Morrisey, of Burnley, Lancashire.
    Commemorated at RANGOON MEMORIAL

    Location: Myanmar
    Number of casualties: 26857
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    I did consider the service records but it looks as though I would need the death certificate which I can't find a record of.

    Yes I did type the surname wrong, double R not S
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    I did read that post on 1st batt before I posted myself, I admit I wasn't sure if 1st and 1/8 were the same or not, I went with not and made my post.
    I have my grandfathers RAF records he was at Takoradi 1941-1943, I don't understand all the numbers & letters on his either but i'm trying to learn
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    This is an excellent book if you can source it.
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    A few pages from the above book covering May/June 1944.
    Hope it helps.

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    Thank you all for this information, I'll start reading after work and look into the death certificate again so I can hopefully get the service records.
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    you forgot to post the kohima: the 2 Division war memorial, March 1944 (J.McCann).:rolleyes: It is a good book for all of the battalions of the fusiliers. Not the best picture & its rather small.

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    Cheers Stu, i'll look into that.
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    Here is a brief summary of the service of 1st/8th Lancashire Fusiliers:

    1st/8th Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers (T.A.)

    125th Infantry Brigade – 3 September 1939 to 4 May 1940
    The battalion was titled as the 1st/8th Battalion on March 31st, 1939 from the 8th Battalion. It was embodied on September 1st, 1939 at Salford. On April 14th, 1940, it embarked for France.

    4th Infantry Brigade – 4 May 1940 to 31 August 1945
    It left the United Kingdom on 14 April 1940 for France. It served in the campaign in France and Belgium until it was evacuated at Dunkirk with the brigade on May 30th, 1940. It arrived back in England on May 31st and moved to Brentwood to reform. It remained in the United Kingdom until the brigade embarked for India on April 14th, 1942. It arrived by sea in India on June 7th, 1942. It served in India on garrison and training duties until it entered Burma on April 9th, 1944 to take part in the Kohima battle. It fought in Burma until April 9th, 1945, when it returned with the brigade to India..
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    dryan67, thank you so much, that is really helpful.
    One more question for you all, did the men get leave of any kind to go home or once they arrived in India in 1942 was that it they were there the whole time?

    On another unrelated note I have photographs of men in takoradi taken 1941-1943, I don't know if anyone has an interest in that but i'm happy to share the photographs with you, I know my grandfather is in the pictures but I don't know anyone else.
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    Troops who served 4 or more years overseas were given leave based on the ‘Python Scheme’. See this thread.

    Python & Lilop Leave
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    I have this rather poignant 1/8th Btn Lancashire Fusiliers related letter in my collection.
    burmah 009.JPG burmah 008.JPG
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    The first wound was received on the 7th May 1944.

    hall 1.jpg
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    The second wounding probably took place at the Naga Village.

    hall 2.jpg
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    Dont think you need a death certificate as such - the attached is a CWGC certificate which you can use in place of a 'normal civilian' death certificate - if in doubt ring the MOD office

    "Subject to the payment of an administration fee and provision of a copy of a death certificate (except where death was in service),"

    Request records of deceased service personnel


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