New Resource 2 Cdn Armd Bde Operational Orders No 3 (Op TOTALIZE) 1.0

Operation TOTALIZE orders

  1. Tolbooth
    Transcription of 2 Canadian Armoured Brigade Operational Orders No 3, 7th Aug '44, for Operation TOTALIZE.

    This was from the War Diary of the 8 Cdn Recce Regt and contains some extra handwritten notes on the composition of the column for TOTALIZE by Maj Ballachay (8 Cdn Recce Regt).

    This was the left most Canadian column (closest to the Caen-Falaise rd) and consisted of 8 Cdn Recce Regt, 10 Cdn Armd Regt (Fort Garry Horse) and Lothians and Border Yeomnary
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