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  1. Ciao FAB ww2talk.com forum

    Huge hugs to all of you at ww2talk.com, for the:
    - forum: a place to remember and honour our courageous relatives
    - lovely warmth: for me - special shout outs to recce Recce_Mitch, 4jonboy & Tony56
    - help in research / understanding: what our relatives went through, which they never talked about and some if us can no longer, delicately ask them now.

    I am a so proud daughter of 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment, C Squadron Sergeant Major Albert Ward (3126699) > Royal Highland Fusilier (Major Albert Ward MBE MM). Like most soldiers and even as a career soldier he didn't have the social background to "fortunately" rise up to the high ranks, but, like every soldier, he served hugely courageously, which he never talked about.

    Major Albert Ward MBE MM

    Scarcity of WW2 Regimental Photographs Online
    Apart from Daddy's so few photographs he had taken, while building my page for Daddy (which i built as i missed him) I found, in Google, photos and maps are so scare of his regiment and in general of the allied regiments in WW2.

    In general, there are not enough WW2 historical regimental photographs online - take for example a google image search

    15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment

    I have worked for many years now as a web site coder and designer and then, as a search engine optimiser (who tries to get websites on google's first page / no 1 google ranking results). Considering the abundance of really silly photos on the web, the lack of historical army WW2 pics made me so sad.

    Custodians of WW2 Photographs / Accounts
    For sure relatives of the 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment and other WW2 allied regiments have inherited photographs. No longer living in Edinburgh, it took me two years to sadly clear the much loved family home, and I went through every SINGLE item and saved every photograph, document...

    The Importance of Regimental Photographs
    Every photograph gives a glimpse of a situation / story / history:

    e.g. from my daddy
    i don't know where this below pic was taken but I think it is with some of his 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment, C Squadron most - importantly their faces! And I truly hope, one day someone contacts me and says - one of them is my relative

    And, I still google Daddy's regiment's in case, I find a new image of him. Another pic...

    Scottish Army Daddy charming my... German (Hamburg) Mummy!

    That pic tells a story too - not all Germans were bad (Mummy was anti Nazis and helped her Jewish boyfriend escape Berlin before the end of the War, but after the war... was charmed by Daddy!)

    Regardless of the pic - a photo can give an insight of the time and place. If such pics are not uploaded they may be lost for ever and will not add to the documentation of WW2.

    A Shout Out Please

    Upload your relatives regimental WW2 photos:

    - Scan those, so important, regimental WW2 photographs
    - SEO the file name before you upload them ie name them e.g. WW2-[DATE]-[CAMPAIGN/OPERATION/COUNTRY]-[REGIMENT]-[NAME-OF-YOUR-RELATIVE].[FILE NAME]
    - Upload them here and on regimental forums and wherever

    If not, we will loose important historically photographic records and stories.
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