WW2 Aerial shots over Russia

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by mossman, Jan 6, 2010.

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  2. Owen

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    Superb, cheers.
  3. von Poop

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    Great stuff Mossman, somebody knew how to use a camera.
    Reminds me of that ominous recon plane in 'Come & See'.
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  6. mossman

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  7. Za Rodinu

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    You bet it is, transliterated from the Ukrainian :)

    By the way, that photo sequence from Eng.Rus. is simply brilliant! Thanks a lot!

    (What I simply hate is the completely moronic viewer comments)
  8. mossman

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    The following are also gleaned from that same site
    English Russia » Nazi Fail

    please don't think I'm promoting any of the views held by the posters of these photographs, only leave you to explore an unusual website.
    Good hunting,
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  9. Za Rodinu

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    Rest assured, Mossman, we all like to see photos like this and nobody is associating you with any ideology for showing pictures :)

    And most certainly I'm not associating you to the sometimes ghastly comments that are visible on that site. ;)

    Thanks for bringing those up, I myself do browse EnglishRussia every so often.
  10. Harry Ree

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    History revealed via the camera.As someone said probably taken unofficially and retrieved from German POWs or German dead.

    Interesting to see what would appear to be long columns of Russian POWs, a feature of the early German successes.

    The architecture of Kharkov,capital of the Ukraine is easily recognised.The photograph must have been taken before the large battles for this important centre which saw the city fall to both sides.

    There is also a feature of Soviet aircraft which illustrates the early designs of aircraft which appear to be akin to the architecture of Kharkov.Hard to accept that the design concepts were thought to be viable.
  11. Gerard

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    Great link Mossman. Am loving all the photo albums on the site.
  12. Stig O'Tracy

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    What do you suppose is in the coffin shaped box that they airmen are burning and why are they burning it? The men watching would seem to be amused. There's a picture below which also would appear to have the same shaped container with the words "mich auch" (me also) painted on it. Perhaps some sort of good luck ritual practiced by a particular squadron?
  13. britman

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    Wow, these are some great photos, thank you for posting the link.
  14. mossman

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