William Gibson Robertson, RA, 29/07/1912 - 04/09/1940: Brookwood Memorial

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    Good evening,

    I wonder if anyone is able to help me. I am trying to find a photo and some more detail in regards to my great grandfather’s death for my nan. I have the below details which may help:

    Full Name: William Gibson Robertson
    Born: 29th July 1912 in Bo’ness
    Married: Mary Simpson on the 28th October 1935
    Died: 4th September 1940

    Rank: Gunner
    Service Number: 815161
    Regiment: Royal artillery
    Battalion: 24 field regiment

    His name is listed at the Brookwood cemetery in Surrey

    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. Rich Payne

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    24th Field Regiment were with 48th (South Midland) Division with the BEF in France and appear to have remained with them until 1942. They were in the UK during September 1940. This may mean that he died of wounds incurred in France or the death could be unrelated.

    The Brookwood Memorial covers all those with no recorded grave who are not commemorated on another memorial...You may have noticed from the forum thread relating to it that even today, graves are still being traced in UK churchyards and cemeteries and the Memorial is then subsequently amended. The basis for inclusion was that if no return was received for a serviceman noting where he was commemorated, then Brookwood applied.

    On the assumption that he died in the UK then applying for a copy death certificate would probably be the first course of action. His service records (which will take longer to arrive) may or may not detail cause of death.
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  3. Chels

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    Thank you, I have a copy of his death form but the reason is blank. We have found a few other documents which state they believe he may of drowned but no reports confirm this was definitely the case

    Do you know where we would be able to apply for the death certificate?

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  4. Buteman

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    Forum Member Chrisharley9 has recently started checking names on the Brookwood Memorial, with a lot of success. I'll send a PM to him to check if W. Robertson's name has been found in official burial records.



    Service Number 815161
    Died 04/09/1940
    Aged 23
    24 Field Regt.
    Royal Artillery
    Son of Joseph and Barbara Robertson; husband of Mary Robertson, of Bo'ness, West Lothian.
    Commemorated at BROOKWOOD 1939-1945 MEMORIAL
    Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 3400
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 3. Column 3.


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  5. Pat Atkins

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    That casualty list gives him as "missing, believed drowned" with the date of 4.9.40; just to narrow things down, the only naval loss on that day was the tug HMS Saucy which hit a mine in the Firth of Forth. He isn't listed among the 28 casualties (all hands), as far as I can see. I appreciate this isn't a great deal of help, but in the absence of anything more positive...

    Cheers, Pat
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    His death isn't recorded in the service returns in the Death records on Scotlandspeople. gov.uk. If the Registrar had been informed, it would appear in the Minor Records.

    Try the FreeBMD site to see if death was recorded in England.
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  7. Buteman

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    Information provided from ChrisHarley9. And I quote:-

    "Died in Sheffield by the looks of things - If returned to Falkirk for burial the local council are highly obstructive in providing burial registers."
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  8. Chels

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    Thank you! Do you know where we can get more information or where it suggests he died in Sheffield please?

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