What's this landing craft called?

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    I am looking for name (and if possible more photos, ideally taken off Juno Beach) of this type of landing craft, and if they were indeed used on Juno Beach, at least after D-Day..
    From a description by 8th Rifle Brigade veteran Don Gillate (see text below picture), it seems this type of craft was used for landing the 8th Rifle Brigade's vehicles, at Juno Beach, near Graye-sur-Mer, on 13 June 1944. His description doesn't sound to me as if they were "ordinary" LCT's.

    01a - Raft type landing craft.jpg

    Text from "With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic", by Don Gillate:

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    Rhino Ferry.....and often had minds of their own particularly in strong currents. They were towed over to Normandy behind LSTs.
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    Thanks, Owen and SDP! Will have a look what I can find elsewhere on the forum. Any photos of them being used at Juno beach?
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