What is this vehicle and what likely year

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    I'm trying to date this photo by the vehicle, I believe it's being used by Royal Horse Artillery sometime between 1936-1943 in Egypt Jack Blencowe 1910  jeep.JPG
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    Could it be a Morris


    Morris CDSW was a 6x4 tractor designed in the mid 1930's to tow the British Army's field artillery - originally 18pdr guns and 4.5" howitzers but later the famous 25pdr guns. Most of these were, however, lost during the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940. They were replaced by the iconic Quad (4x4) gun tractor in the field artillery tractor (FAT) role but a new version of the CDSW was produced for towing Bofors Anti-Aircraft guns.

    Morris CDSW 6x4 Bofors Tractor

    Morris CDSW 6x4 Bofors Tractor - MLU FORUM

    GBW245S Morris CDSW 6x4 Gun Tractor
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    upload_2020-7-2_9-54-33.jpeg upload_2020-7-2_9-54-33.jpeg
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    Nice pics of the CDSW FAT often referred to as the Toastrack! owever, I fear that the original pic is just an ordinary and more common Morris 15 cwt; probably a CS8.
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    4039 WD? If that's a serial number is it a prewar style? Note the lack of a letter code and the number is only 4 digits. Or is it just a civilian style license plate?

    I looked at Kevin Tucker's Light Trucks serial spreadsheet and note the range:
    Morris Commercial 353870-354307 Truck 15cwt 4x2 GS

    In the interwar period the last two digits of the year were used as the first two digits of the serial, but this was dropped in WW2 (according to Warpaint). If they dropped the first two digits from something in this range that could give us (35)4039. In which case this could be a Morris built in 1935 if this guesswork is correct.

    I guess that doesn't help at all to date the vehicle, though. Except maybe it indicates a vehicle in wartime rather than prewar?
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    Hi Chris
    I recommend you look at pages 69-70 of Volume 1 of Warpaint under 'Registration in other countries' which says a little about military numbersin Egypt.
    Chris G

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