What is this man wearing?

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  1. Chris C

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    This is an IWM photo - sorry I've misplaced the reference - of a Crusader tank. The man standing in the turret is General Paget.

    My question is about the other man. What is he wearing? Is it official army rain gear? It certainly looks plastic.

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  2. von Poop

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  3. Trackfrower

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    Looks like an extreme incontinence suit!
    The General looks suitably unimpressed
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  4. von Poop

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    Matey might be wearing some variant of the WW2 anti-gas cape.
    I've only got limited reference (Europa Militaria's handy little guide to gas stuff.), but the material looks the same, as does the cut of the upper half.
    What I can't work out is if he's wearing separate trousers or it's just the long cape tied with a belt.
    (Seems equally likely he's just got some civvy purchase waterproofs on.)

    Putting on Anti-gas Protective Clothing


    Not sure Gen. Paget really ever looked terribly impressed. Didn't really have the face for it...
  5. TTH

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    He looks as if he suffered from chronic dyspepsia. But then I'd be dyspeptic too if someone else came in from another theater and used the army I'd worked myself to the bone building and training to win yet more glory for himself.
  6. Chris C

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    So maybe it's the anti gas stuff. "Cape" seems like an odd word for something which actually worked as coat.
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  7. Pat Atkins

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    Maybe just the angle, but I can't see a hood: I'm no expert (to put it mildly), but wouldn't you expect a hood on an anti-gas garment? Otherwise, it seems to fit... not the garment in the picture, particularly, but the identification.
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  8. von Poop

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    Hood seems to be a separate part (3 piece kit mentioned in my limited reference). Looks like it stretches around the helmet rim and hung from that. As per photo of two chaps.

    Think he's wearing a cape tucked into the trousers. Maybe in a misguided attempt to look :unsure: smarter...

    'Cape' a reasonable term. Hangover from first war, and maybe useful in reinforcing its implied application as a single use garment rather than 'handy waterproof thing'.
    Imagine this chap senior enough to ignore that implication.
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  9. Uncle Target

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    Is it not linked to the tarpaulin on the tank. Possibly gas related or even to waterproof the vehicle for deepish water wading.
    I know that the Artillery used to use tarpaulins wrapped around lorry rads and under the engine compartment when crossing or fording rivers.
    Sadly the man in the pre nuclear era NBC suit does not have them sealed at the bottom so would get wet from below his trouser legs.
    Looks to be some sort of technical trial taking place.

    The so called Gas Cape had no hood ( not the ones we were issued with) and was buttoned to keep the water out .
    At Anzio the 67th Field came ashore in DUKW's wearing Gas Capes tied at the throat and waste as floatation devices.
    Fortunately only one Dukw sank very slowly when the American driver thinking he was at Salerno rushed down the ramp of his LCT putting the bow of the vehicle under water The Gas Cape worked to keep the men afloat.

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  10. Owen

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    From "Handbook on the British Army 1943".

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  13. Capt.Sensible

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  14. Don Juan

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    Exercise Manchester, this one, 27th to 30th Sept '42.
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  15. Sheldrake

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    IRRC he suffered from chronic pain from the wounds that invalided him in 1918. He was notoriously short tempered.
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  16. Pat Atkins

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    Wounded 5 times, apparently. Not surprising he was a bit grumpy, then.
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