What is the last WW2 Film or Series you saw?

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Ivan1, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Crew is transferred to Italy. The crooked Solomon Islands chief is replaced by a crooked Italian mayor. Pretty funny episode.

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    "The Bombardment" - a Danish film concerning the bombing of the Gestapo HQ in the Shell Building in Copenhagen - Operation Carthage. It's a harrowing watch. (No spoiler to say that one of the raiding Mosquitos clipped a lamppost, crashed and the resulting fire led some of the following waves to bomb on that fire, thinking it the target -whereas in fact it was a school). Some of the acting is outstanding (especially by the children). Here's one review:

    'The Bombardment' Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?
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    Post 858 refers to a Norwegian film 'The 12th Man', posted 16/7/2021. Watched it tonight, it is now available on YouTube. It is a grim film about the only Norwegian survivor of a raiding party, the rest being shot by the Germans after being captured and tortured. It is a survival story for him and the amazing bravery of a few Norwegians who helped him on his journey - in winter - cross-country to Sweden. Worth watching, it is 2h 15m long:
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    Secret Army....

    I've just finished watching all 39 episodes....where would I find this epilogue episode you speak of please?

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    Episode 43 here:
    List of Secret Army episodes - Wikipedia

    If you can't locate it anywhere, message me.
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    Flying Leathernecks

    I first saw this on B&W TV when I was very young. I didn't know who John Wayne was but I definitely recognized the Hellcats because I had just built this Lindberg Line kit. British markings and all.

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    Good synopsis. Impressive the rogue Germans were able to shoot down a whole squadron!
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    Just recently watched "The Darkest Hour" and found it very good, Gary Oldman giving an excellent performance as WSR.
    I'm not an expert on this subject but It makes you think how different things might have turned out if Chamberlain & Halifax had their way and forced Churchill into peace talks in 1940, Chamberlain already being fooled by Hitler should have known better.
  14. Dave55

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    All twelve episodes now available on YouTube for free. I just started watching it and like it very much.

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    I’ve never seen Kessler myself, but today Talking Pictures TV announced they will be running the series from Sunday 17 July at 9pm, so I shall be tuning in.
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    Just watched "The Cruel Sea" for the umptenth time....."snorkers good oh":)
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  18. Dave55

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    Entertaining. Not great but not bad.

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    This turned up on social media:

    The cast of Secret Army assembled for a photocall on this day in 1977 (prior to the broadcast of Series 1).

    FaMQz8wX0AE2-5G.jpeg.jpg FaMQ1FqXEAAayt9.jpeg.jpg

    Speculation in the comments that the venue is the RAF Museum at Hendon:

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    I watched ‘Into the White’. Very low budget, could have been a stage show really as it’s all set in a Norwegian Cabin. Allied aircrew and German aircrew forced to share a cabin to survive. Loosely based on a real event which has added another book to my wants list. Film was fine for what it was, bit cheesy and predictable.
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