What are these badges?

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  1. 8RB

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    I recently bought a nice group of items, including a Rifle Brigade side cap. Now wondering what the other (military?) badges are. I do recognize the Afrikakorps cuff title, and British navy badges (what are they?), but what about the other two? For those interested, I have also attached a photo of the boy scout badges and other items which were part of the group.
    20200918_111739_resized.jpg .

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  2. timuk

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    The RN badges are those for a Petty Officer worn on left upper arm.

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  3. 8RB

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    WW2 I suppose? And what sort of role or responsibility or unit would he have got?
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  4. Pat Atkins

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    Can't claim any real knowledge but I believe a PO could be equated to a Sergeant, being the first senior NCO rank (I bet the Navy doesn't call it that, apologies if not). How close a comparison can be made is perhaps debatable, given the differing unit organisations between the services? I should think plenty on here will know, of course.

    There's a handy explanation of Royal Navy ranks, etc., as of June 1942 on navalhistory.net here.

    Cheers, Pat.
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  5. timuk

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    Probably WW2 or thereabouts as they have a King's Crown as opposed to the Queen's Crown on more modern ones. The Petty Officer's specialisation was shown on his right upper arm Gunnery, Signals, Writer, Cook, Stoker etc. Pat is right that the rank equates to Sergeant. Responsibility would vary considerably much as in the Army where a Sergeant could be Infantry, Tank Corps, RE, RASC, Pay Corps etc.

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  6. Pat Atkins

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    You could try a military badge forum, these folk are very good.
  7. Giberville

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    The shoulder board with the crossed anchors is German coastal artillery (Marineartillerie). Not sure about the 8 added to it though...could be added later...?
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  8. Pat Atkins

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    I spent ages Googling that, to no avail at all! :D Thanks, Giberville. So, what about the shield-and-cross with HT (or, TH)?

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