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    Our friend Ray Weaving died in 1995 and for many years he often spoken of his 2 elder brothers who were both killed in action ww2 when Ray was a school boy in Carshalton Surrey. As I recall, he had, in all, 1 sister and 3 brothers. If he was here today he would have wanted us to place this on WW2 Talk to remember
    his brothers. Their details are as follows:
    Flight Sergeant Lionel George Henry Weaving. KIA 28. 9. 43. Service No. 943636 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve served 622 Sqdn - Sterling. Combat Report Air 50/283/82.

    Private Ronald Weaving KIA 29. 3. 45. aged 19. Army No. 14730698. 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders
    CWG 6/611 - Reichswald Forest Cemetery.

    Ray believed Ronald was killed when 5th Seaforth were mounting a river assault but combat reports for battalion seem elusive. Could this thread also be considered to be placed in the Army section as well for cross reference purposes regarding Ronald. Can you boys shed any light please. Thank you Dizzy and She
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    For information:
    Lionel George Henry Weaving

    Ronald Weaving
    Note that both the casualty lists and the CWGC concentration forms have his date of death as 30.3.45.
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    Why not just create one thread for each in the appropriate section?
    Are you sure you're not starting to overwhelm yourselves with enquiries?
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    Yes thank you Kevin we will start another thread. Indeed we do have a few irons in the proverbial fire, but given time and tide waits for no man we need to get on with it, as we have already spent 10 years looking for my Uncle Eric whose name turned out to be Albert with Eric being his 3rd and preferred name. We do appreciate everything that you and everyone on this site assists us with.
    Dizzy and She
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    Thank you Tony for your swift and positive reply duly noted and screenshot. We note the two dates difference, we understand this can occur on the evening of one day and still be flying in the next on the mission. Thank you for your efforts. Dizzy and She
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    It was Ronald where the date differed.
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    Looking at the concentration form for Ronald Weaving it gives his previous place of burial as Dinxperlo map reference 129625. I can't find map sheet 16 but using the translator site, 'Nord de Guerre' zone and reference rA129625 it results in the following location:

    As you will see near a bridge over the river.

    Also found this previous post that mentions your man, unfortunately the originator hasn't been around since February 2012, but he confirms Ronald, and others who are on the concentration form, were killed in that village.

    Post #85 has a photo of a plaque on the bridge posted just the other day.
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    Sorry for our error and thank you so much for the correction Tony, because it is important for us to be absolutely correct in matters like this. She and Dizzy
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    Tony splendid work on your part in tracking the evidence down and nailing it for us, you don't know how pleased we are but moreover how our friend Ray would have been about this because he searched endlessly in vain before access to computers, sadly he died more than 25 years ago, by the good help of yourself you have now completed the search for us for Ronald. We can now rest in the knowledge mission completed. thank you Tony. She and Dizzy
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