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  1. royal dragoon

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    Need help to confirm the exact position of an original WW2 burial site regards a soldier kia April 1945.
    The information I have is that he was originally buried in 1945 at these map coordinates, which I believe is in the Reddigau,Neukrug area of Germany.

    MAP GSGS 4416, SHEET M5, 1/100,000.
    Map Reference:- 073685

    This soldier was exhumed in 1948 and buried in the Berlin CWGC site.

    I am led to understand that the Allies used a secret code, known as a "PURPLE GRID or CASSINI GRID" over their maps to come up with a Map Reference the Germans could not relate to.

    I have attached an image to this post of a section of the above mentioned GSGS 4416 M5 map covering Reddigau, can anyone tell me if I just read the map Ref 073685 onto this map or do I need the "Special Grid" to go over it ?

    The map GSGS 4416 M5 Salzwedel can be seen on the McMaster University digital archive

    Any advice suggestion appreciated

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  2. Richard Lewis

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    Hello JB,

    The system used on your map is the Nord de Guerre zone grid, which is blue. Just read the grid reference off the map you have found, there is no other “special grid”. Purple was used for several other zones around the world including that covering Great Britain.


    Grid zones.JPG
  3. royal dragoon

    royal dragoon Junior Member

    Hi Richard,
    Many thanks for that info regards the Map reference, and the colours coding.
    Are you able to tell me if I can relate that Map Reference 073685 to a modern map of the same scale?
    Have a photograph of a grave taken by my late father, Grave was of one of his Sgt's, trying to find exact location, it doesn't help
    that we are unable to get down to street level on Google Maps!
  4. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Hello JB,

    From Germany 1:25,000 GSGS 4414 Sheet 3230 (1951)


    Although the principal grid is post-war Universal Transverse Mercator the Nord de Guerre grid is marked by ticks on the edge and blank lines show the removed grid lines which I have replaced by a green grid. 073685 is shown in red. A six figure reference will give a 100m × 100m square. Remember whoever recorded this reference was working with a 1:100,000 map so don’t take my location as entirely accurate. “Whs” on the bend in the road = Wirtshaus or Inn/Tavern.

    I’ve attempted a location from Google maps.


  5. royal dragoon

    royal dragoon Junior Member

    Hi Richard,
    Thank's for explaining that and taking the time and effort, it's much appreciated, if you are interested i could send you a copy of the photograph?
    contact "royaldragoons.com"

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