War Diary 8th G.H.Q 1944 June

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    Extract from War Diary of 8th GHQ for June - Dec 1944, this includes 89th 90th 91st RE which made up 8GHQ. Couple of nice maps.

    I have just added the full diary June - Dec 1944 as a Gallery

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    Thanks for the post!
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    Thank you. Very useful. I am just starting on my study of the operation of Gold Beach. Long way to go yet.

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    Great post. Thanks.
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    I have posted the full Diary June - December 1944 in my Gallery.
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    Thanks for sharing with the wider membership.
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    Thank you for sharing the war diaries

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    Many thanks for sharing these, they were (with 89 & 90 Fd Coys) on my list of possible Austin K-5 3-ton lorry users, so I will scan them all with much interest for signs of them and any problems their unreliability might have caused.


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    Many thanks dbf for all the MC&MM details I will enjoy having a good read.....
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    Excellent! Thank you for posting.

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