War Diary - 8th Bn Middlesex regiment 11th July 1944

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    I am researching a soldier of the 8th Bn who was KIA in France on 11/07/44, does anybody have a copy of the war diary for that period as I would be interested to know what action the unit was involved in, exactly where they were and how many casualties they sustained? The soldier in question is 7959948 Pte H Boothroyd.

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    Looking at the Graves Concentration Report Form his original place of burial was at Marcelet 949685:

    Google Maps
  3. Owen

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    They were the MG battalion for 43 Wessex Division , on that date they would have been supporting the attack on Hill 112.
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    I wonder?
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    Thanks Guys, this new info is much appreciated, Cheers, Rick

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