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  1. pminotti

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    Could you identify the veichle parked on the right side?

    It seems a Morris C8 and continental camouflage let me think to a BEF captured tractor exchanged with germans.

    Census number is H4311178

    Photo is taken in Rome, Centro studi della Motorizzazione, maybe in winter 1942.

    9 marked Truck is Camionetta A.S 43 prototype.

  2. von Poop

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    Yes, C8 FAT.
    There's some shots on here somewhere of a whole queue of them being repainted post-capture in 1940, but In Italian use I suppose equally possible to have come from the desert.
  3. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    C4310938 - C4311851...Contract V3825 - Morris-Commercial, Tractor 4x4 Field Artillery.

    The contract cards at Bovington would probably give delivery dates but based on my studies of motorcycle contracts, I suspect a late 1940 delivery.

    It would have been nice and new around the time of the campaign in Greece during April / May 1941 - Britain had also supplied quantities of vehicles to the Greek forces so it could have been with them or a British / Commonwealth unit there.
  4. pminotti

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    Ok, but why repaint it?

    Only ground confrontation with British Emipire was in Northern Africa so, for propaganda, it was useless.

    It is in motorisation center for study purpouse.

    In Greece we didn't meet on ground, Crete apart, and i ts seems that British veichles were in sand color

    Thank you!
  5. Dave55

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    Would love to see those pictures.

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