Utah Beach Landing Tables.

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    I know that there have been similar posts and requests for help, advice and information but:

    Forum member Bin There (Chuck) has been to CARL at Fort Leavenworth and actually seen the following:
    Battle Analysis Series.
    D Day.
    Volume 1.
    Part 1.
    Containing a couple of hundred pages of Utah Beach Landing Tables.

    Does any one have information on these. Is there any way of obtaining copies of these? I would even pay money.

  2. The actual full name might be:

    Battle Analysis: Operation Overlord, Volume 1 : Part 1, (Fort Leavenworth: United States Command and General Staff College Press, 1947);

    from the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library (most recent name of the CARL, which seems to change names every couple of years).

    Another possible source for these elusive Landing Tables might be the Dwight D. Eisenhower as listed here (but unfortunately also not part of the online docs):

    Holuba, Laurence G. (4th Infantry Division)
    201 File (1) [D-Day landing table]
    from the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum

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  3. Bin There

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    That's exactly the document. The call number can be seen in the photo of the volume's spine.

    I was at the Eisenhower Presidential Library last week before I visited CARL. Wasn't there on Utah Beach business so did not search for those landing tables. If you'll give me a bit of time, I'll contact the extremely helpful archivist who advised me and see if she can check out that lead.

    Chuck CARL_006.JPG CARL_008.JPG
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  4. Bin There

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    Much to my surprise I woke up to find I'd already receive an answer from the helpful lady at the Eisenhower Library. Unfortunately, the Holuba file in the Overlord documents wasn't quite what we hoped for. It turned out to be a single page that had some landing details for HQs and AT platoon, 3rd Bn, 8th Infantry.
    landing table.jpg

    Not what we're looking for and not what CARL holds.

    We've got three options as I see it:

    - I might (might, I stress) be able to prevail on a friend living in the Fort Leavenworth area to drop by CARL as time permits and photograph the pages.

    - I might be able to wrangle another trip back to Leavenworth to do it myself.

    - Or, I was provided a list of paid researchers who use the Eisenhower Library, and one of them supposedly works CARL as well (they are only 2 hours apart). CARL probably has its only list of paid researchers which might take on this task. So hiring a professional is a possibility for anyone flush with cash.

    I guess it depends on how quickly you may need the landing tables. They aren't high on my project list right now, but might be able to get out there in the July timeframe.


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  5. Trux

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    I would like to complete the set of D Day tables. I would not work seriously on them until September. Summer is for other activity. I am accustomed to paying researchers although the generosity of forum members has meant I have not spent much in recent years. I have never actually been to Kew and am a technical dunce so I would be happy to consider any suggestion.

  6. I'm on the same wavelength as Mike, because I would also like to edit all the landing tables, albeit in spreasheet format, as I did for the SWORD ones. But I'm waaaayyy behind Mike on this task, since I've yet to complete those for JUNO for which I already have all the docs (thanks to Mike for the early version, and to Heritage Canadiana for later ones). Next would be GOLD, then Forces L, O, B and finally U. It's not so much the initial transcription part that takes time as the checking and formatting ones...

    I blame it on other members of this and other forums, who repeatedly distract me from these basic tasks by regularly starting fascinating threads on any other subject I'm interested in...

  7. Bin There

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    If you two gentlemen don't mind, and are not in a particular hurry, I'll take this for action and provide the 4th ID landing tables - as well as any V Corps tables I can find the - by 1 September of this year. Hope that doesn't step on any toes or tip over anyone's rice bowl . . . ?
  8. Trux

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    That is a very kind and generous offer. Of course I accept. A private message follows.

  9. Spitfires of the Sea

    Spitfires of the Sea Stephen Fisher

    Out of interest, did much come from this? I'm trying to find Utah landing tables myself...

    EDIT. Please ignore me, I've just seen Trux's excellent thread of Utah.
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