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  1. sketch

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    Hi all
    could anyone tell me what uniform the lady in this picture is wearing please. anything about the others would be also be welcome.


  2. SDP

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    Do you have a better resolution image of the various badges. Although I can be by no means certain, it is reminiscent of Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service but that makes that uniform unexpected compared to the standard nurses uniform!
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    The uniform and the cap badge (such as I can make out) of the seated on the left reminds me of the Women's Forage Corps (c. 1916).

    Have a look at the page on the IWM website given by the following link and compare it to see if you concur there is a similarity:
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  6. ritsonvaljos

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    You could be right. It would be better if it was a better resolution photograph (as SDP has also commented). Would it be possible for you to try and re-scan and post the photograph anew, sketch? That would enable people to zoom in better to the badges.

    She is British Red Cross, surely?

  7. sketch

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    thanks for all the input unfortunately i dont have the original picture and i cant get the one i have any better.
    i would say the red cross is correct .
    this is the other info i have on the trio.

    Priscilla Jones
    Charles Henry Jones King's Royal Rifle Regiment.
    Albert Hayes Jones Royal navy HMS Victorian.
  8. Hugh MacLean

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  9. sketch

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    hi hugh
    i would say that is him
    liverpool is only about 35mins drive from here


  10. Staffsyeoman

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    KRR is actually King's Royal Rifle Corps. I found a Captain Charles Henry Jones in the Rifle Brigade, but not KRRC.
  11. Hugh MacLean

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    If you think it's him you can download that document to your computer for £3.36 - it will be his service record. RNVR service would also fit with HMS VICTORIAN which was an AMC.
  12. sketch

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    thanks hugh
    i`ll have a look at that
    cheers for your help


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