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    Yeah, these guys are pretty bad news.

    All the best

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  2. Arty

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    A throw away comment...

    I've mentioned this before.... I remember a school chum (from decades ago) who's family was Latvian. I was disturbed to learn that his grandfather had apparently been in the Latvian SS. Back then the bad guys as a far as the Baltic states were concerned were the effing Russians. Not much has changed. I am of the distinct impression that the Baltic states are now not particularly Nazi (which is a good thing).

    People tend to lean towards towards nationalistic fervour, especally when being subjected to genocide.
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    Dear Sol,

    Cap locks was stuck, hence the capitals!

    Posted a piece of primary evidence with a translation, illustrated there was only one source for the statement Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev, which came with a an article from Sky news which included columnist Massimo Sideri Corriere della Sera refuting the claim which included IAEA stating they supposedly did not have any signal of radiation. Though the Ukrainian Ministry of Health have not said the health warning was bogus. So I do not see anything wrong with the post.

    Just to point out anything that comes from the Ukraine War has to be checked and doubled checked this goes beyond Kremlin watching! With two governments and nations involved as well as dissident voices and paid agitators, as well as broadcasters and news agencies who will report on one thing and not another; information is sparse on certain actions which is why so many rely on open sources on telegram & twitter etc or the hope one journalist bothers to investigate and report.


  4. EKB

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    If the recent story about Russian fascist militia is true - that they use U.S. supplied vehicles and other equipment transferred from Ukrainian fascists - it’s just another chapter for the standard playbook of glad-handing Nazis and other right wing terrorists.

    Operation Gladio - Wikipedia
    Gehlen Organization - Wikipedia
    Klaus Barbie - Wikipedia
    Otto von Bolschwing - Wikipedia
    Stepan Bandera - Wikipedia
    Operation Paperclip - Wikipedia
    Myth of the clean Wehrmacht - Wikipedia
    Union Banking Corporation - Wikipedia
    Prescott Bush - Wikipedia
  5. ltdan

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    The incursion of the separatists continues. Obviously, they keep infiltrating along the borders at various points and engage regular forces in skirmishes.
    What is really interesting here is that still no operational reserves of the Russian army worthy of the name have been observed. So far, a maximum of 2 MBTs and 2 IFVs have been detected - which is astonishingly few.
    However, it supports the theory that there were no forces worth mentioning left in this sector, which throws a spotlight on the current strength ratios of the Russian army.
    Now, however, they are forced to withdraw such forces elsewhere to secure the border region - almost doubling the potential front length...
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  6. sol

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    Just because someone from Latvia or Estonia served in SS does not make him necessary a "Nazi". Both Estonian and two Latvian divisions had a lot of conscripts which were either given very little choice or no choice at all, with smaller part made of volunteers. Some are simple transferred from other military or auxiliary units just to bring division to full strength. It is similar situation with 13th SS too, where after recruitment campaign failed to bring nearly enough volunteers, division was bring to strength by either transferring Muslims that are already serving by various armed forces of NDH or simply forcefully recruited by rounding civilians.

    But it is hardly an evidence, isn't it? Document does not provide reason for warning or, more importantly, does not have any date on it. So it is completely open to discussion why and when it is created. As I said, there are other possible reasons for its existence, like the fact that there is a nuclear plant nearby and another one in neighboring region. And it is a fact that Russia did targeted&are targeting Ukrainian electric facilities. So it would not be unreasonable to think that Ukrainian or regional authorities would try to warn people what to do if nuclear facility is targeted. I am not saying that is a reason but it just as possible as Russian claim as there is zero evidence for their claim.
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  7. Arty

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    As I look across the top of my computer into my library of books, I see directly in front of me a five volume history on the Waffen SS, purchased about 32 years ago. I must have forgotten to read everything.

    Thanks for that insight sol.

    Meanwhile, a real fascist has popped up again, declaring everyone else to be fascists.
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  8. 509thPIB

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    As many of you know Col. David Glantz is a very well respected historian on the Eastern Front in WW II. Listen to his thoughts on Bakmut.

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  9. ltdan

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    A preliminary assessment of what happened near Belgorod:

    As things stand, the right-wing Russian separatist militias are most likely led by the GRU. Politically, one is cleverly moving in a grey zone, because no ZSU forces are advancing into Russian territory.
    It is typical Ukrainian humour that some of the semi-official statements correspond 1:1 with those from Russian-backed forces in the Donbass in 2014.

    The most obvious assumption is that - administratively independent of the ZSU - a permanent "incursion in being" has been installed here with quantitatively weak forces. This, however, forces the RuA to withdraw troops from other frontline sections in order to prophylactically secure the border regions.
    This would, of course, be in line with the upcoming ZSU offensive.
    Whether other goals were being pursued in the background cannot be completely ruled out, but must remain the subject of unprovable hypotheses.

    What is also obvious, however, is a cynical calculation: Russians are allowed to fight Russians, any losses do not really hurt Ukraine. Moreover, these extremists can be "profitably" contained in this way.
    It can be assumed that further pinpricks will be made in the near future in order to worry the Russian administration.

    Propagandistically, that much can already be said, Ukraine has hit another bull's eye.
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  10. Strange, or rather, telling, that you omitted this one in your list of supposedly related links:
    Wagner Group - Wikipedia
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  11. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Interesting watch, thanks for sharing.

    All the best

  12. EKB

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  13. Oh, I did not forget it, but you had already mentioned it long ago in Post #524 (and got an argumented reply by our esteemed Admin).
    And yes, 'completist' would indeed be a nice description of my approach to history, although of course I see the allusion to 'complotist' (and appreciate the irony, especially coming from you).
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  14. davidbfpo

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    Dr. Rob Johnson, ex-Oxford University military historian and currently in the UK MoD as an adviser, has this article 'Learning the Ukrainian Way of War', drawing comparisons with WW1 and WW2. He ends with:

    Link: Learning the Ukrainian Way of War
  15. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Patron Patron

    An interesting series of tweets by a ret'd US Army officer on breaching defensive positions and collected into: Thread by @MarkHertling on Thread Reader App

    In the comments was a link to a US video on breaching (not fully watched yet): The comments - unusually IMHO - are worth reading.
  16. ltdan

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    Dicit ei Ivan Khurs: „Moskva, quo vadis?“ Respondit Moskva: „Quo vado, non potes me modo sequi, sequeris autem postea.“

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  17. davidbfpo

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    One does wonder if "optics" have prevailed over actual use at times; this is about the rows of 'dragons teeth' installed by the Russians:
    From Twitter @GlastnostGone and alongside a very short film clip of a Chieftain with a dozer blade pushing aside such "teeth" via @KyivPost

    Methinks lack of care and some backhanders along the way.
  18. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    Interesting analysis of Russian defensive network and field fortifications:
    Thread by @Inkvisiit on Thread Reader App
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  20. JDKR

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    If the Russian defences are like this along the entire front line, it would seem that they are not acquainted with Frederick the Great’s aphorism that he who defends everything, defends nothing.
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