Trying to establish where Ernest Witt was stationed in WW2

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    We can track Ernest to Egypt and Suez Canal but cannot trace movements from May 1945 to Jan 1946. Ernest was a ground radio operator in RAF. His records show him in 274 squadron, 3 signals depot and 1 signals depot during those dates.
    We know he served in Cyprus at some stage. Ernest (my father) is now 100 years old and his memory for detail is not very good. Prior to May 45 he was with 227 squadron and then 107 maintenance unit in Egypt in Kasfareet if this is of any use.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum
    Have you his full service records?

    Apply for his service records Get a copy of military service records

    free of charge but a long wait
    you will not find his records online at pay for sites the official route is the only way.

    Post what you have on the forum and I am sure forum members will be able to assist further.

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    Thank you for your advice. We did apply for full records and this is all they have. They say that any other records have been destroyed . We have tracked up to August 44, 107 Maintenance Unit. Then there comes 274 squadron in May/June 45 but they were in Germany and Ernest was never in Germany. We do know that he went to Cyprus at some point.

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    Thank you very much for this. This is a big help.

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