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    Are the WE tables in the Trux information thread available to read? or are they just meant as a guide of where to look for specific unit information?
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    I have not fully understood your question but I see that you are interested in airborne engineers in particular.

    Airborne forces are not my area of knowledge. The few War Establishment tables that I have were really picked up by accident along with the main body of tables for 21Army Group.

    These tables list the personnel, weapons and vehicles that the War Office planned to provide for each type of unit. They do not refer to specific individual units.

    I do not seem to have any for airborne engineers.

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear, I notice in the Contents/About the Trux information Thread you listed a large number of the WE tables. I was curious if these linked to some archive available online or if it was intended as a research guide for the museum archives.

    I am currently researching the airborne engineers for my own interests but this isn't my only focus.
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    The Trux section of the forum contains transcripts of pretty well all units in 21 Army Group. Easiest way to access them is to select the forums section at the top of this page. At the bottom are all the Trux items.

    I would give a link but I am a technological idiot. Someone cleverer will help I am sure.

    Good luck.

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