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    Could anyone point me in the way of a good online resource that concerns Trieste from 1945-1947ish. Something with some Veterans accounts would be even better.
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    I'm an ex-Trieste man (Late 1945 until Jan 1947) so ask away.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Trieste, October 1945 to January 1947
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Civil Police in Trieste during the unrest
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Trieste had its funny moments

    Then there was this thread on concerning Trieste to which I made comment
    Second New Zealand Division from Florence to Trieste

    You might also consider joining this Italian forum that deals specifically with Trieste and on which I have posted the odd article in the English section.
    forum A Trieste ... :: View topic - A British soldier remembers Trieste in 1946

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  4. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.


    Thank you for the links. They are exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I have a (non-military) long term project on the go that I dip in and out of and my query relates to an event in May 1946. The following between pages 85-90 cover it. There are many accounts of it but all are from a uniquely Italian perpesctive. I was just wondering what the Allied soldiers in the city experienced at this time?

    Pedalare! Pedalare! - John Foot - Google Books
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    Jonathan & RemeDesertRat

    Glad that you found my memories of Trieste of interest.

    As far as Globocnik was concerned, the capture of this really nasty piece of goods is one of my proudest recollections of my unit's activities in post-war Austria.

    Regimental Diary 4th QOH

    0430 – The party (4th Hussars) arrived at the hut.
    0500 – Hut surrounded.
    0510 – The door at the front was opened by Major Ramsey who had entered through a loft window. The door at the back was forced by Major Quarmby and Lt Hedley. Four men were found in the front of the house. Interrogation began at once and all men except the Gauleiter and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Lerch denied any knowledge of the SS. The women were allowed to remain in the hut, but arrangements are in hand (1430 hours) to arrest them. Dr Rainer, Lerch, three unidentified suspects and a fourth man who gave references in KLAGENFURT were brought down to the prison at PATERNION.
    0715 – Schutz re-arrested on accusation of Kummerer.
    1130 – The man suspected of being Glovocnik was trapped into acknowledging his name by a slight movement of his head when Major Ramsey shouted his name across the courtyard. He was ordered into arrest and poisoned himself with Prussic acid while walking the 150 yards between the Castle yard and the prison. Capt MM Leigh RAMC attempted to revive him but was unsuccessful. It was considered that he had had this poison concealed in his mouth from the moment in which the first alarm was raised at the hut as he consistently refused all form of refreshment. Three suspects on viewing the body confessed their identities as:-Sturmbannfuhrer der SS Michaelson,SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hoffle,Oberscharfuhrer Karl Hellesberger SS in TRIESTE.
    1245 – all eight prisoners were removed by Capt Willett, leaving only Schutz in detention and under further investigation.

    Wikipedia gives both versions of his ultimate death:
    Odilo Globocnik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <>

    Read all about it here:


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