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    I am trying to find information about Patrick J Gavin.
    He was posted to India 15/4/45 for 275 days embarking Bombay for UK on 16/12/45. I am looking for info about his trip. He was a Nurse in RAMC. Army No, 7393532
    I do have an unmarked photo showing the Western Hostel, New Delhi.
    He hen was at HOME for 67 days.
    Then as the war in Europe was concluding he was assigned to two trips on the Dorsetshire of 224 and 112 resp. The first of these he left from the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley in Southampton.
    I have further info surrounding the terms on Dorsetshire as for a period he was entitled to Jap Campaign Pay (JCP) at 1/- per day. So I assume he was onshore in India or Burma at some time.
    This is why I have chosen to try to trace in the British Indian Army section.
    Please see attachments.
    Any help or comments would be appreciated

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