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  1. Hello, I live in Fieffes-Montrelet in Picardy, Northern France. Some graffiti has just been discovered in the attic of the old "Mairie", left by British soldiers who stayed some time in the village in 1939-1940. There is one Sgt Parkin, 9868W(?)9 from the 9th Field Training Regiment of the Royal Artillery.
    There are also members of the 9th West Yorks, both from Leeds (one Pte J. Ingle)
    a certain J. Graham RASC wrote a poem on 22/3/1940
    HM (Harold?) Castle marked 1/4 Royal Doncaster
    another two members of the RASC, one 109411 Kember and Dr. (?) W. Smith who mentions the Crogh (Cross?) Carrying Coy.
    As you can see, I am no military historian and the graffiti is somewhat worn, but I speak French and English and it would be interesting to exchange with anyone who knows more about these soldiers and maybe who is looking to trace family members.
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    Moved your post to it's own thread in the 1940 section of the forum for those with a special interest can assist you.
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    This could turn into a real interesting thread, let's see the graffiti please.

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    A photo would indeed be useful...There was no 'Doncaster' Regt. And 'Field Training' in an RA context is a new one on me...That they were there in March 1940 suggests a reserve or transit area; Troop Carrying Company is the only one that comes to mind.

    9th West Yorks were a GHQ Garrison Battalion.
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    T/109411 Driver William Benjamin KEMBER Royal Army Service Corps
    Died 7th July 1940 Age 28
    Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 21.30.16.png
    Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 21.24.00.png
    Eastbourne Herald 19th October 1940
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  6. Thanks for your help - I'm new here!
  7. Many thanks for this ... the "Dr" is Driver, then, not Doctor! Sad to see he died not long after leaving his name here.
  8. I will try to downsize the photos so I can forward them ... they are unfortunately too "heavy". Thanks for your help
  9. In fact, it is possible to read "Troop Carrying Coy", now that you mention it. The writing is in pencil on an earth daub wall, so it is not always very clear! I will try to rduce and upload the photos for you
  10. J. Graham's poem:
    J. Graham is my name,
    Scotland is my nation,
    Dumfries is my dwelling place,
    A pleasant habitation.
    When I am dead and in my grave,
    And all my bones are rotten,
    Here on this wall you'll find my name
    When I am clean forgotten.
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    Could it be 4th battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster?

    The 4th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment was transferred to the Royal Artillery and converted to artillery in November 1938, forming the 56th (King's Own) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. On the outbreak of war, the 56th Anti-Tank Regiment mobilised in the 42nd (East Lancashire) Division, with which it served in the Battle of France in May 1940 and was evacuated at Dunkirk.
  12. I've tried reducing one photo in 'Paint', as a test ...

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  13. I will try again, apparently this was not the right maneouvre!
  14. Second attempt ...

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  15. Looks good to me ... I'll reduce and post the others, likewise ...
  16. 9th West Yorks Duke of Wellington's Reg ...

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    I don't think the Paint option is working, at least for me.

    I've had success using the Windows 10 Snipping app. Bring up your original on the screen, type snip in the Start box and use snip to do a rubber band screen capture. Hit the copy button in snip and then use right mouse click paste to paste it right into your post with no need for attachment. Greatly reduces the file size too.

    Thanks for the time and effort, by the way.

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    A possibility :
    53831 Pte. J.K. GRAHAM R.A.S.C. captured France 1940
    Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 18.19.42.png

    John Knox GRAHAM
    20th June 1918 Cadgill, Halfmorton, Dumfries - 24th November 1994 Carlisle, Cumberland

    It may be worth checking to see if Pte. J.K. Graham completed a liberation questionnaire, this would confirm if the prisoner war record relates to John Knox Graham of Dumfries?
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  20. L/C H.M. CASTLE ...

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