Those nice folks at "After The Battle".

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    From their website

    After the Battle - Home
    The entire range of After the Battle publications has been passed into the safe hands of Pen & Sword Books Ltd. We will continue to supply all of the current available publications (see the website for the full range) and then going forward there will be plenty of new After the Battle projects for the future.
    Following the retirement of Winston Ramsey, Rob Green will stay with After the Battle, continuing his involvement in the company which has spanned over three decades.
    New contact details are below and we look forward to continuing the fantastic legacy of After the Battle publications.

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    I hope that Pen & Sword does right by AtB. I only have one of their books, on the war in North Africa, but it is amazing.
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    After The Battle Pre-Publication Meeting:

    Accountant: So as you can see, if we could reduce the page count by around 100 and perhaps print on slightly thinner paper, we should be able to increase profits on the next book by around 5%, which might, if readership remains more or less consistent with similar titles, go some way to paying off that second mortgage you took out last year.

    ATB: Are those chocolate hobnobs?

    Accountant: Err.. yes, I think so.

    ATB: Great—well, hand them over, Son!

    Accountant: I was saying, just about 100 pages and we—

    *Poring over a new proof copy*

    ATB: F*** me! Have you seen these photos of the StuG III prototype the boy's turned up—gorgeous stuff!

    Accountant: But—

    ATB: Mandy, get on the blower to this author—Derek, I think his name is—and tell him he's got another 100 pages to play with—and tell him 'more of the StuG, please'. Oh, and would you be a sweetheart and pop out for some more hobnobs—take it out of the petty cash, love.

    Now, what were you saying lad? Something about paper?
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    Just for a lark, I decided to weigh my copy of The Desert War Then And Now on the kitchen scales. It clocks in at 2.7kg. :D
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    Recent reply from Rob Green of A.T.B., the last magazine to be published, issue 195 May 2022.

    After the Battle has now been sold and will continue to publish books as an Imprint of Pen & Sword Books Ltd. Following the retirement of Winston Ramsey and the decision by Karel Margry to step down as Editor after issue 195 in May 2022, it has been decided to cease publication of the magazine after that issue. Unfortunately this means we can no longer take orders for subscriptions. However, individual issues can still be purchased from our web site. Issue 193 is currently available and issue 194 will be published in February 2022, with issue 195 (the final issue) being published in May 2022.

    Going forward, we will continue to produce books of the same quality and content as ever. I am staying with the company after nearly 34 years of working alongside Winston and Karel and will ensure that we publish many more books for our wonderful readers.
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    Well, that didn't last long.
  8. CL1

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    just ordered the last copy
    As we say I am sure nothing of the ilk re the books will be done again with such musty detail
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    Juust received no 193 and on the back inside page
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    Everything ATB discounted.
    Buy four, get fifth free.
    Pen and Sword Books: Catalogues

    Wonder if it heralds reprint/re-format after clearing ATB-produced stock.
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  11. Gary Tankard

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    Does this mean any authors writing for Pen and Sword will get to use photos etc from the ATB archive royalty free?
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    Not really surprising the magazine will stop....there can't be any subjects left to write about, and there are so few vestiges left.

    It's been a great read over the years.....thanks Winston, Karel & J-P.
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    No 194 is out so not sure when it ceases
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    I bought that issue with the Churchill excavation when it came out. I don't just feel old, I am old !

    I wonder how much of the enthusiasm for 'Then & Now' photos comes from what ATB started ? I certainly don't recall earlier publications that consistently researched not just the well-known photos and locations but also obscure French crossroads and that sort of thing ?
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    In the last issue of AtB there is an article on the Casablanca Conference, in January 1943, it was a joint UK-USA meeting and two French leaders attended some sessions. Apparently de Gaulle was reluctant to attend and was aghast that Morocco (a French protectorate, not a true colony) appeared more like a Anglo-American colony. Does AtB feature any photos of de Gaulle inspecting a guard of honour. I have looked online for imagery, without success - hence asking.
  18. Charley Fortnum

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    I can't help, but I'll bump your request with the tangental comment that I was always fond of this picture from A.F.H.Q. in Algiers:

    Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 10.50.44 PM.png

    The more I look at it, the more I become convinced that Churchill has just told everybody they must behave and look earnest for the camera: Portal, ABC, Alex and Monty have what I'm almost sure is the inkling of a smile on their mouths and a twinkle in their eyes; Alanbrooke, perhaps, is signing inwardly.
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    My last copy has just arrived. I will miss the 4 magazines a year as I have been a subscriber since Issue 1. That said, the topics seem to be becoming increasingly obscure and the battlefield comparisons decreasingly relevant under the impact of tarmac, concrete, housing, new roads etc etc. All good things…
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    The end of an era ... :salut:
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