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Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Wise1, Dec 8, 2004.

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    Inspired by Steven Spielberg after creating the film Shindlers List the Shoah foundation set out to preserve history. Some argued that it was a Spielberg stunt to promote his film surrounding the life of Schinder but that was soon washed away when he as a founder member donated $10m to the foundation.

    The foundation is dedicated to videotaping and preserving the testimonies of holocuast survivors and its witnessess.

    To date some 52,000 testimonies have been stored from over 30 countries around the world.

    You can view and listen to these video testimonies on their website, some are shocking others are quite astonishingly humorous and my admiration goes out to 1 particular women who for reasons I cant understand, forgave her torturers.

    You can find the site here:

    Listen to the testimonies here:

    I have listened to these over and over again since I became interested in the Holocaust and they still make me feel uncomfortable to listen to and make me feel so ashamed that not just the Germans but the World stood by and watched an entire group of people be wiped of the earth without dignity or rational reason.
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    Someone forgave her torturers? How? Why? What did she say? I can't forgive schoolyard could anyone forgive SS torturers? I'm amazed and awed.
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    I could see her point.

    The logic was that she had spent so much time hating them that her time left in this world after the Ghetto and Camp was much better spent looking forward than back.

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