The Piron Brigade - Independent Belgian Brigade

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    My post VE day research of the Belgium Army is in draft, regarding Brigade Piron:

    15 May 45 – 1st Belgium Infantry Brigade Group moved from Leerdam Belgium into Germany the HQ was initially Burgsteinfurt north-west of Münster then Oelde south-east of Warendorf from 28 May 45
    Commander: Colonel Jean-Baptiste Piron DSO
    15 Dec 45 – disbanded

    1 Apr 46 – 1st Belgium Infantry Division relieving Guards Division with HQ Bad Godesburg south-west Bonn
    General Officer Commanding: Major General Jean-Baptiste Piron DSO

    15 Oct 46 – 1st Belgium Corps District forms and Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Piron DSO in command from Nov 46
    Initially under command 1st Corps District then HQ BAOR from 31 Oct 46

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine (under construction)
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    Armoured fighting vehicles belonging to both the Guards Armoured Division's and the 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment's HQs drive through Brussels during an official parade commemorating the entry of the first allied troops into the Belgian capital. Afterwards a wreath-laying ceremony attended by Belgian and British officers is held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The carnival atmosphere in the city is heightened by the arrival of the Belgian Brigade led by Colonel Piron, who is seen here riding in a Staghound AA armoured car.
    IWM A70 150-3
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