The Long-Range Desert Group

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    Unless it turns into a disastrous loss of men and equipment.........i tend to think that any Operation/Mission was probably beneficial.
    But maybe i am wrong.?

    After it was all said and done, were the "Raids" by groups like the SAS and LRDG worth the effort and expense.?
    Did they hamper the Germans/Italians to a degree that justified the use of the manpower and equipment expended.?
    Perhaps, in the scheme of things, the amount of men and supplies they used was not all that crucial compared to the damage they might cause to The Germans.?
    Thank You
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    I am by no means an expert on either the SAS or LRDG in the North African campaign, caveat aside now.

    The LRDG's primary role was to observe the road traffic along the coastal road(s); yes, they assisted in the transport of raiders and others to the populated areas occupied by the Axis, raids were not their thing.

    The SAS raids on airfields, which was their primary goal most of the time, was beneficial. Any losses were minuscule compared to the conventional forces, e.g. the surrender of Tobruk.
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    I wonder if anyone actually tallied up how much supplies the SAS did use in the desert?
    The impression I have though is that they did wreck a considerable number of aircraft.
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    Not just the damage caused by successful raids surely but also the effect that threats of raids/reconnaissance had on enemy. More patrols, more guards, more caution/distraction, less resources for other requirements. Can't really quantify this effect but I imagine it would've been a factor?
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    Thanks for the replies and Info.! :)

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