The Last Dambuster?

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    This aircraft, Lancaster KB882, was built by Victory Aircraft Ltd Ontario and served with No. 434 (Canadian) Sqn and No 428 (Canadian) Sqn in the UK before returning to Canada on 2nd June 1945. Source The Avro Lancaster (Francis K Mason).
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    Does this help

    Form 78 [​IMG]

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    300 Lancasters in this batch.... Serials KB 700 to KB 799...up to KB 224 fitted with Merlin 38 engines while the rest were fitted with Merlin 224 engines.

    KB 882 was one of 70 RCAF B X Lancasters converted to modification 10 MR,later designated 10 MP....Maritime Reconnaisance then Maritime Patrol.

    First Lancaster converted was KB 919 which entered maritime service after its first flight on 29 December 1950.

    Chastise Lancasters were B 111s converted to G standard ("Guard" indicating that the aircraft had a high security rating) under the top secret Avro project "Type 464 Provisioning" and known to the RAF as Downswood,Converted aircraft carried the suffix G after the Serial Number, eg Guy Gibson's aircraft, Serial No ED 932 was identified for security purposes as ED 932/G but continued as ED 932 for its operational identity.

    No G aircraft were retained after the raid but converted back to Lancaster B 111s and reissued to squadrons for conventional bombing requirements. Postwar many Lancasters went to the wreckers aircraft used on the raid survived. Guy Gibson's aircraft was reissued from store at Lossiemouth, to No 61 Squadron in August 1946.It crashed in November 1946 and was returned to store at Metheringham and then without a second thought was scrapped in 1947.

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