The Killing Place

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    Just a little way away in the woods around "Kamp Vught" is the Killing Place. The camp was not a extermination camp ( no gas chambers) but terrible cruelties were perpetrated there. Mostly those that were executed were shot at the Killing Place.
    The Butts (sand bank) in b&w photo from 1944, is approximately where the memorial wall (2004) is now. In front of that wall of names is the original trench in front of the Butts with wooden posts still in evidence.

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    Unfortunatly this website has the Canadians liberating Vught.
    Vught Concentration Camp

    The 4th Canadian Armor Division, and the 96 Th Battery of the 5th Anti -Tank Division were the first in liberating Vught concentration Camp. The Canadians troops came over the hill right up to the wall fighting the Germans.

    Where they get that idea from I dunno, as 4th Cdn Armd Div was over at Bergen-op-Zoom then.
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    Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that HD were fighting under command of Canadians? 1st Canadians to arrive in Vught got there 6th November, and I think that was a Field Ambulance company.
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    Are these soldiers of the 51 highland division? Who made the photo?

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