The History of Military Knitting

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    Not a subject that will get a lot of attention but a new book " Knitskreig: A Call To Yarns" by Joyce Meader published by Uniform Press, explores the knitting of comforts and clothing from Waterloo to more recent conflicts. I have posted this because there are patterns included which might interest re-enactors, if they know how to knit!.One illustration in a review was for Home Front Woolies showing a variety of people wearing military influenced garments. Inside the pattern were 16 designs including some for the WVS.
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    Sounds like a purl of a book...
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  4. As a knitter, this is of interest to me, so thank you for posting. I have already knit a pair of socks from 1865 ~ I wouldn't mind checking out patterns from other eras. (It's always just a little extra fun to combine one's interests.)

    Here's a link to the book for anyone who is curious: Knitskrieg: A Call to Yarns!

    And here's a review from, "Knitting Now and Then."
  5. Agree. Very clever! :D
  6. Don't mind me...having fun all by myself with the knitting thread. Har har. Knitting. Thread. Anyway...

    Found a pattern for socks! (Thanks to

    I also found this little number...

    Sweater Helmet. Or a Helmet Sweater. Personally, I would have called this "Helmet & Sweater, Better Together". Doubt I would have made it, but I definitely would have named it.

    We're not gonna look up the pattern for that one.
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    Normandy2014 509.JPG Normandy2014 510.JPG Sorry had to go for this one. :)

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