The Gower Jones brothers - R.A.F. and Royal Artillery

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    Flight Lieutenant Frank Gower Jones, Royal Air Force. Killed on active service, 25th December 1939, aged 34 years.

    Lieutenant Harold Gower Jones, Royal Artillery. Died through military service, 18th November 1944, aged 45.

    Sons of the late David Herbert and Frances Lilian Gower Jones. The headstone is in Rake Lane Cemetery, Wallasey.

    IMG_5032 (3).JPG IMG_5034 (3).JPG
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    Frank died in the crash of Magister N3806, the other occupant was injured . The file on the incident is in the air81 section of the national archives
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    Service Number: 22136
    Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Air Force
    Date of Death: Died 24 December 1939
    Buried or commemorated at EDINBURGH (CORSTORPHINE HILL) CEMETERY
    Sec. G. Grave 950.
    United Kingdom

    Service Number: 219499
    Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Artillery 111 Lt. A.A. Regt.
    Date of Death: Died 18 November 1944
    Age 43 years old
    Buried or commemorated at WALLASEY (RAKE LANE) CEMETERY
    Sec. 15.G. Grave 570.
    United Kingdom

    Notice the difference in date of death for Frank and and age for Harold.
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    Harold may be the Harold Jones whose death was recorded in the Manchester registration district, fourth quarter of 1944, aged 45, and also possibly the Harold Jones whose birth was registered in the third quarter of 1900, again in Birkenhead.

    The mother's name at death was recorded as Frances Lilian Jones, in the Barton registration district, being Barton upon Irwell, near Eccles. The father's name was recorded as David Herbert Jones, in Birkenhead.

    The Gower bit seems to have from the mother, who was born in South Carolina, USA. Francis Lilian Gower Jones (1874-1940) - Find A...
    whereas the father was plain Jones. David Herbert Jones (1873-1931) - Find A Grave...

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