The Corps of Drums 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment, Hong Kong 1940

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  1. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Thank you very much bamboo43 will have a look much appreciated
  2. Woodcarver9

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    Hi Joe,

    As Bamboo says, your grandfather was a Lisbon Maru survivor and was held in Osaka number 2 camp which the prisoners called Kobe House. If you want to message me your email I can point you in the right direction. My grandad was also in that camp.

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  3. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Hi cheers for the reply my email is any info would be appreciated cheers
  4. Woodcarver9

    Woodcarver9 Member

    Joe (and anyone interested in the Middlesex regt.) Middlesex Regiment Journals
    These are available to download. I’d try from around 1934 onwards. You might see your grandads name in them. Look in the 1st battalion notes.

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  5. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Cheers steve I will have a look into them later hopefully I will find his name in there and thanks again for the attachments you've sent to my email much appreciated
  6. Woodcarver9

    Woodcarver9 Member

    No worries mate. I’ve just had a quick look in the Middlesex journals and he’s mentioned in the February 1939 edition. On the page that’s noted as 478. It looks like your grandad arrived in Hong Kong on the 4th of October 1938.

  7. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Steve thankyou again iv just had a little read myself. What's is ment by dewberry having blown a bugle in terriers I'm I right in thinking blowing his own trumpet ie bigging him self up and thankyou again it's amazing to think of the things they've been through
    Cheers joe
  8. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Hi steve me again just re read the piece and I get it now I means he's played the trumpet before.
  9. Woodcarver9

    Woodcarver9 Member

    I can’t be sure of this Joe but when my uncle joined the Royal Artillery at the age of 16, he had to join something called the Junior Leaders until he reached the age of 18 when he then became Royal Artillery. I’m wondering if the Terriers was the Middlesex regiments equivalent.
    If i’m right then it would mean that your grandad joined the army as a boy. I’m in touch with an ex Middlesex Major so i’ve emailed him to ask

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  10. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Terriers = Territorial Army
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  11. Woodcarver9

    Woodcarver9 Member

    Nice one Richard, cheers buddy
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  12. Joe dewberry

    Joe dewberry Member

    Hello again steve iv had a read of the article you sent me about the Lisbon Maru and it's very eye opening and interesting is there any place that's got more photos of the middlesex regiment
  13. Nick Bull

    Nick Bull New Member

    Hi, ive been trying to find any information i can about my grandad and his brothers, who I believe were part of the Middlesex regiment. It was amazing to find this feed and see a picture of my uncle. I would love to know if anyone could point me in the right direction to find more information about my family.

    My uncle was Dmr Herbert Revell. 6203208. PoW 25/12/1941.
    My Grandad was Francis (Frank) Revell. There was also an older brother, whos name escapes me right now as i write this. There was also the youngest brother called Arthur

    I would be immensely grateful for any advice people could give me on where to search for information about my family

    kind regards
  14. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member


    if you would like a higher quality photograph of Herbert Revell please send me a personal Message via the forum.


    DRums 002.JPG
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  15. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member

    Here is a photograph of your grand father, If you want a higher resolution copy please send me a personal message via the forum.

    DRums 003.JPG
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  16. Nick Bull

    Nick Bull New Member

    Hi, thanks so much for sending these pictures. If you could email me copies of them to, my family would be very grateful. If you also have the regiment photo that would be amazing. I know my uncle was a POW but he only spoke about it towards the end of his life, so I am trying to piece together what happened to him, my grandad and Uncles during the war. Fair to say, that generation were all heroes!!
  17. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Nick, Herbert's POW liberation questionnaire is available on line. I have posted it to this reply. It shows his POW details including the camps he was held at:

    REVELL, Herbert

    Other forum members may well come along and add more detail.

  18. Nick Bull

    Nick Bull New Member

    This is great. Thank you so much
  19. Kevin Sealey

    Kevin Sealey New Member

    Thank You so much for the photo of L/Cpl Roy Leslie Harold Rooker. I am his Nephew. My mother Roy's sister now 87 will love looking at this photo, she has one of him in uniform wwith his tongue stuck out. As he was so tall he was also nick named "Legs". If anyone else has any info about Roy it would be greatly appreciated. My mother has had tapes sent to her by one or two of the survivors who knew Roy and they are in Australia.
  20. Simon Rowe

    Simon Rowe New Member

    Hi all. I have come across this thread today after a google search for my late grandfather Dmr Herbert E Rowe. 6203541. PoW 25/12/1941. I am quite amazed to find a photo so quickly.

    I have not carried out research before but am already very keen to find out all I can of the experience this group of men went through.

    I would greatly appreciated any direction or assistance anyone can offer.

    A copy of this photo would be amazing as man Nan is still alive and met my grandad while caring for the POW’s on their return to the UK.

    thank you in advance.

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