The 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters in Norway April 1940

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    Into the White - Wikipedia not too bad and inspired by true events.
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    Pictures 1 and 2 were taken i Øyer. The location can be found on her:
    Picture 1: Google Earth
    Picture 2:,10.36256428,197.59562683a,0d,41.8469945y,45.21197258h,88.96926123t,0r/data=IhoKFjFpbGN6TUdzT1pHSmliUXZsaVNzU1EQAg
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    For me, geolocation is one of the arcane arts.
    Thank you for this clarification
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    Hello, I am researching my late grandad as he told me he would tell me more about his time in the prison camp when I got older but he sadly passed and I have many questions. I have found some info online which I will attach below. I would like to find out what part of stalagXXA he was in and more about the long March he endured. My dad told me he said on the March they arrived at another camp and he was lucky to get a space as the others were all marched back to look for more camps as the one he was in was overflowing? I’m confused about this as I have not seen anyone else say anything like this on the feed. I have some photos and a newspaper article if anyone would like to see :). Thinking of what my grandad survived gives me great strength and I am very proud of him.

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    Any info would be much appreciated :) thank you

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