That French Cuirass.

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    You know the one. 'That'll buff out' 'it's only a scratch!' etc.
    Anyone who's followed military history in any way likely knows it. Seems to have bubbled up on soshul meeja recently, (with a few responses I found a tad pious).

    Really interesting article (Shared by Lee/Psywar on Twatter) from former copper/crime writer David Videcette:
    Is the World's Most Famous Piece of Armour a Fake? — David Videcette

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    another one?


    Possibly a production line
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    different angle....

    nothing new in the West:
    Waterloo 1815 (Wellington Museum)
    Wellington Museum.jpg
    Battle of Wagram 1809
    Wagram 1809.jpg
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    One of my favourite such is the 'Doddington Hall' armour of John Hussey.
    Was on display at the (cack useless, made me quite cross) Newark Civil War Centre when I saw it. Best thing they had, but now back home. Something grimly fascinating about them having the leather doublet from beneath too.

    Small hole... That'll do it, though.

    Death of a Royalist cavalry officer - Doddington Hall
    "There is no evidence of an exit wound to his back."
    Bouncing around... Armour/spalling etc....

    Then there's the Sture murder clothes from Upsalla that Janet Arnold covered so well, though I haven't seen them in the flesh.

    Also, obviously, the Visby relics...

    Hmmm, maybe I never quite got out of my Goth youth.
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