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Discussion in 'General' started by DunkirkDude, Mar 18, 2019.

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    Sadly with a lot of deaths of Dunkirk veterans lately there are only three confirmed living are left according to wikipedia. All are over 100.

    100 year old David Evans of Leyburn, North Yorkshire according to this. everyday. Albert Johnson, an Englishman who lives in Western Australia, also 100 according to this and 100 year old John Hamilton of Sutton Veny, Wiltshire according to this. John still visits the gym frequently!

    If you know of any possible survivors please tell me and I will add them to this post. I will update in case any of these vets passed away. I would say there is probably around 5 to 10 Dunkirk vets we dont know about still left

    Number of confirmed Dunkirk survivors still alive - 3
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    Sad news. A Dunkirk veteran who I did not know about has died. RIP Les Kersewill. Also a honorable RIP to Jack Hilton, a pilot who got shot down over Dunkirk and also over Normandy. Condolence to the families of these two great men.
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    Without sounding odd or picky and by no means disrespectful to the achievements of the 2 men you mention above but - the second man [Jack Hilton] is stated as

    "Following a pit stop in Toronto to visit family, Hilton headed to Europe to fight in 1944."

    Dont quite see how that relates to Dunkirk veterans of 1940 and also the Typhoon aircraft was not put into combat service until late 1942

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    Ah. Sorry. I must have misread the article. Still RIP to both.
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    Just a month too late for my friend Harold Norman Woodhouse who passed away 14 February aged 98.

    Norman was with the Green Howards and at Dunkirk although everyone was becoming separated he and a few mates from HQ Company 7th Battalion had managed to keep together. Although unsure he believes they were returned home on a minesweeper HMS Dundalk having been ordered to carry stretchers over the mole on to the ship.

    Norman wrote a book for his fiends and family and titled it Lucky Norman, an ordinary soldier. A tale of Life, Luck and Loss.

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