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  1. Hellofawaytodie

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    The Japanese really annoy me :mad:
    I'm a kind of person that gives people the benefit of the doubt, looks out for the good guys, i'm even joining an SS group, but the Japanese were just unexcusable. They deserved the atom bomb, they deserve an atomic blast during an earthquake with a tsunami hurricane and a few allied paratroopers thrown in.
    The fact they are like the leaders in technology now with tvs ,cars, video games and everything else. In hell, the demon guards may wear the SS uniforms of Germany, but i guarrentee you they all speak Japanese. Have people not forgotten all those lives lost in the Pacific? How noone really cares because Germany and Hitler were at the center stage of the world, so the Japanese crimes can just fade away in history? It was only around 70 years ago people regarded the Japanese as bucktooth, subhuman monkeys that speak jitterd english. At least Germany accepted their punishments, the Japanese had to take it kicking and screaming.

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  3. Ron Goldstein

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    i'm even joining an SS group,

    Writing as one of five WW2 serving brothers, one of whom was to die in the the skies over Nuremberg, I would appreciate your telling me and perhaps other equally intrigued forum members exactly why you have chosen to join an SS Group ?

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  4. Wills

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    Joining an SS group? More to be pitied than scorned! Sometimes as I walk by the Cenotaph in Southampton with over 2000 names, I look up with apologetic silence, I know where they died and when they died, as time goes by I struggle to understand why they died.

    In memory of Sergeant Robert, Easton Duthie 2nd Bn Gordon Highlanders - Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.

  5. Hellofawaytodie

    Hellofawaytodie No-Combat Experience

    There are many reasons really. The SS were considered elite fighting teams for Hitlers personal use, although they were armed they were kept seperate from the Wehrmacht at all times. The SS were involved in multiple war crimes across the world at the time. To be perfectly honest, along with my american and wehmacht group (Yes, i'm joining more than one) the SS is really the easiest way of saying that they did it all.
    However, even so, do they not deserve ti be represented? To not have somine portray the evil we were fighting would be insulting, not only for the SS themselves, but all the Allied people fighting them. To say we lost so many troops to ordinary Army soldiers is a lie and an insult. There were crack fighting teams all around Europe. I may even dare say that "Not all were bad" yet, i'm not going to focus on the whole sympathy aspect. When people see a WW2 German group, they immediatly ask about Nazis and hitler, which is unfair. But when an SS group comes along, it's purly educational. All questions and myths are cleared up. Not much else to say really, would you not want to know as much about the enemy that caused so much shit before they died?
  6. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    Joining an SS group? Sure, why not? Who am I to judge you , but perhaps you should give an explanation to the ghosts of people like these...

    View attachment 55268

    "The executioners did not have enough time to finish their job. Therefore they began to put two people together, head by head, so that one bullet would kill two people. The wounded people were killed with shovels. The children were thrown into the Yar alive and buried with them."

    Who cares anyway. This had been ordered from above so it was supposed to be alright. And there was this order that exempted from prosecution for any acts provided they did not intrude with unit discipline, so that made it doubly right.

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  7. Hellofawaytodie

    Hellofawaytodie No-Combat Experience

    Look, i understand that. But think, if in say 20 years somone wants to make a film that becomes a world classic, or a school needs a live display for the era, where would all the SS reenacters be?
    You can't ignore parts of hisory, if you really want the Haulocaust to be rememberd, don't remember the ones that were killed, remember the Killers. I bet you anything if you asked a bypasser in the street they would say it was Hitler and the Nazis, and if you asked what a Nazi was they would say a German.
    So for all the people that died, lived, still live and will live in the future all over europe, don't you think we ower it to them not to let the past die ?
  8. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    How many SS Reenactors were needed to film "Schindler's List".

    ... To say we lost so many troops to ordinary Army soldiers is a lie and an insult ... Not much else to say really, would you not want to know as much about the enemy that caused so much shit before they died?

    Oh? What about the millions of German casualties caused by sub-human Untermenschen Russian oriental hordes? Does this mean the Germans have to feel insulted for having had so much people killed by ...

  9. spider

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  10. Hellofawaytodie

    Hellofawaytodie No-Combat Experience

    In a perfect world, everyones wounds would have been adressed and everyone would have moved on. But we don't live in that world. So many people WERE affected, but the Jews stand out on top of them all. That's why after all this time, after we won the war, they are still afraid of a dead organisation that doesn't exist being portrayed by Miitary enthusiasts and history teachers. Yes, neo nazis do exist, but do you honestly think, if you REALLY ask yourself "would they REALLY let nazis join?" No !
    They would be kicked out. The Waffen SS no longer exists, no matter how often you look around the streets of Berlin at midnight. If somone is wearing a swastika or giving the nazi salute, then yeah they need to be stopped. But when somone is just casually sitting on a chair, listening to beethoven at an event, what right have you to say they can't portray one of the most evil and successful groups of the 20th centrury?
    Yes, successful in the war from 1939 - 43. You try invade europe and tell me how far you get (Y)
  11. Wills

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  12. Hellofawaytodie

    Hellofawaytodie No-Combat Experience

    At the end of it all it's just my opinion. I may be wrong or not, but hey just something to think about.
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    Deleted as it became irrelevant!

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  15. Hellofawaytodie

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    I think that was a good idea, i wasn't looking for a debate really, it was one of those put your opinion in kind of thing. Oh well, if they want to continue they can come here
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    Posts were removed in order to return the original thread to its topic.

    Any continuation of this debate here is up to you.

    I suggest however that in future you compose your opinions a little more carefully.
  17. Hellofawaytodie

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    I'll do that regarding Geman forces. I stand by my Japanese comment however.
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    Then take it back to the other thread!
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  20. Jakob Kjaersgaard

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    In my humble opinion there is a very huge difference between remembering history and reflecting upon what the SS represented and did during the war, to idolizing them and dressing up like them.

    Have you for one second never thought about the message you're sending when you put on a SS uniform for the fun of it?
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