SS Lurigethan - crew list - can anyone help, please?

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    Hi there - I've joined this site in the hope that someone may be able to help me out:

    I recently found the records of my grandfather Terence Cook (b. 1914, Falmouth, Cornwall) serving on the steam merchant ship Lurigethan in 1940. I know that SS Lurigethan was bombed and then torpedoed in January 1941, with a loss of 16 lives. 35 men survived.
    I don't know for sure whether Terry was still serving on her when she went down. Family lore would suggest so, but I'd like to see some evidence.

    Terry lived until 1997. I have found lists of the deceased, but cannot find the names of the crew who survived.

    Can anyone with any expertise help me find a crew list for the Lurigethan in 1941, please? Or explain why one does not exist?
    Google has not been my friend, and I've found the National Archives etc. labyrinthine - hence pitching up on here.

    Of course, I'd love to hear anything else related to the ship/his career. I'm afraid I don't fully understand the abbreviations used on his Merchant Navy records - though I believe I've managed to attach the records to this thread.

    Fingers crossed & thanks in advance!

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    Just done a search on National Archives for SS Lurigethan using official number of 163199 and found a record under BT 381/1592 for 1941 for this vessel which could contain Official Log Books and Crew Agreements. The Crew Agreements would list all crew members signed up for a particular voyage, so that is what you are needing. Here is the link:
    Search results: 163199 | The National Archives

    You would need to order it up from National Archives: 163156; 163164; 163182; 163198; 163199; 163204; 163205; 163207; 163211; 163212; 163213;... | The National Archives

    I hope that this helps. Good luck.
  4. Laura S

    Laura S New Member

    Ooh, quick replies, thank you!
    Thanks for the links, TD; and thanks JohnH - I don't know why I couldn't find that by myself, but I couldn't - you have found exactly what I needed to know. I think a trip to Kew is in the offing! Brilliant!
  5. Hugh MacLean

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    Hello and welcome,

    You only found some of them Laura and there should be more still to get. Looking at my list he served on other ships after 1940 but that does not mean he didn't do other voyages on LURIGETHAN afterwards. CRS 10 is needed.

    Terry Cook R93402 first went to sea in 1930
    ATHELPRINCESS 161137 - 17/7/1930
    KING EDWIN official number 149964 - 13/12/1930
    KING LUD 160380 -13/10/1931
    BRITISH SPLENDOUR 162546 - 3/11/1936
    BRITISH FAME 164701 - 12/5/1937
    SANDOWN CASTLE 146167 - 11/1/1938
    SAN FERNANDO 143425 - 4/11/1938
    LURIGETHAN 163199 - 3/10/1939
    LURIGETHAN 163199 - 31/10/1939
    LURIGETHAN 163199 - 1/1/1940
    TREGARTHEN ? 1940
    14/?/1940 - HM Rescue Tug MARAUDER on a T124T Agreement. HMS Marauder (W 98) of the Royal Navy - British Rescue Tug of the Brigand class - Allied Warships of WWII -
    This is not a complete record and there are mistakes and omissions. Crew Agreements would need to be searched from 1941 backwards to find all of his voyages.

    You need his CRS10 from January 1941 until he left the MN for the WW2 and later service. It should list all his ships from that date. I will point you to that file tomorrow. Any questions please feel free to ask.
    *Note - the 1939 Register has him serving as a seaman on the LAURELWOOD which was a tanker. Incidentally my father was also a seaman on this ship in June 1941.

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  6. Laura S

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    Thanks Hugh MacLean. This is amazing info. How did you find it?

    I had seen the Laurelwood on the 1939 register, but obviously not found any other paperwork. Coincidence about your father!

    Yes, please! I am lost in all these records. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you have time... Thanks again.
  7. Hugh MacLean

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    Hi Laura,
    His CRS 10 - service record from Jan, 1941 - should be held at Kew in piece BT 382/371
    Best obtained by visit to Kew as the file is contained in a file with up to 60 other names.

    The records are from the Fourth Register of Seamen - originals held at Southampton City Archives with microfiche copies held at TNA Kew and also at FMP - I am used to searching MN records - here is the CR2 card you missed.


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  8. Laura S

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    Brilliant - thank you, Hugh and everybody. Can't wait to get down there.

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