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    Dear Sirs,

    My name is Thea and I'm working on a documentary about the Squadron 617. We're looking for 617 veterans who would be interested in speaking to us. We want to focus on what the squadron did after breaching the dams.

    It would be a great pleasure to meet 617 veterans and ground crew members who worked with 617.

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    Fred Sutherland will not be interviewed, though he did submit to an interview on History Channel's Bomber Command series.
    (I would suggest you view them.) http://dambustersblog.com/2009/04/14/history-channel-documentary/


    "The 2002 documentary, History Raiders: The Dambusters, made for the History Channel, can now be found in its entirety on Youtube."

    His reason is simple. The memories are so traumatic he loses sleep for weeks after reliving any of the events.

    He is a family friend. I am his namesake.
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    Hi Fred,

    Many thanks for your answer. These videos are really helpful. It's very hard to find veterans who are willing to talk about their experiences.
    All my best wishes to Fred Sutherland.


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