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    I would welcome any information or comments on the following questions relating to Special Forces personnel records during WW2.
    These would include personnel volunteering from other British Army Regiments/Units into the Special Service Brigade (prior to being re-named Commando), Commando Units, SAS Units, Parachute Brigade etc.

    a) Would, without exception, a soldiers Army Record always have been amended/recorded showing a wartime transfer from his original regiment/unit into one of the special forces organisations ?. Is there any chance that in the 'fog of war' such a transfer may not have been recorded, especially if the transfer only lasted for a relatively short period e.g. 6 months before the individual being RTU.

    b) One crucial element of British Army transfer between Regiments/Units (other than promotion of rank ) would be any difference in pay between different organisations for similar ranks. Was there for example a rise in pay from a normal Infantry Regiment non-com officer who volunterred for the Special Service Brigade or the SAS ?. Basically was there a difference in pay between similar ranks for say a Sergeant in an County Infantry Regiment and the SSB or SAS ?.
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    Please up load the said persons Service record so that members can see what is written - officially




    My guess from your question is that your relative said he was in Special Forces and that you have received his service records only to find there is no detail showing he was in Special Forces and the questions you pose are trying to find a back door to prove the relatives story.

    I have tried to find the relevant thread but cant, but we asked someone to send off for their relatives service records as it was the family story he landed in France on D Day and fought his way through to Germany. Unfortunately his actual official records showed that he never stepped outside on England

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