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    Hi. My husband's grandfather, Athel Wiggett, was in the South African Engineer Corps. From 5/2/41 to 6/10/41 he was in the 18th Divisional Field Park Company, and from 4/5/43 in the 22 Corps Field Park Company. Can anyone perhaps tell me where these units were based in the time he was there. The first one I think was North Africa, and the second in Italy, but I dont know any more than that. Thanks so much.
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    It is possible to get help from the South African MoD Records, as there are posts on gaining access and a South African lady posted last year on their address.

    Have you tried this: South African Military History Society - Journal - WITH THE SAPPERS

    The link is to a short article and it may be worth checking their index.

    For the 18th Divisional Field Park Company there are two pointers to them in the East African campaign when using: "South African" + "18th Divisional Field Park Company"

    There are three online pointers to what the 22nd Corps Field Park Company did, not your relative: eMedals | Militarian & Historica | eMedals and currently free from the (UK) National Archives: Recommendation for Award for Calmeyer, Reginald Rank: Major Service No: ... | The National Archives The third comes with a warning 'blacklist' and on a quick scan is not alphabetical (for a Eric Boyd Rees) http://www.********
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    Here is a very brief summary of the service of the two companies:

    18th Divisional Field Park Company

    This company was in camp at Sonderwater by the end of 1940. It arrived in East Africa on 5 February 1941 and served under command of Force Troops. On its return from East Africa the company went to Sonderwater. It ceased to exist on 30 April 1943.

    22nd LOC Field Park Company
    This company was in camp at Sonderwater by the end of 1940. It arrived at Amiriya in Egypt at the end of June 1941 and came under command of CRE Troops British Troops Egypt. It was retitled 22nd Corps Field Park Company at this time. It replaced 21st Corps Field Park Company in SAEC Corps Troops on 20 October 1940 for the remainder of the campaign in North Africa through Tunisia. It then moved to the Delta during the summer of 1943. It landed at Taranto, Italy at the end of November 1943. It served in Italy as 22nd Corps Field Park Company under HQ Corps Troops SAEC.
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    Thanks. Much appreciated
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