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Discussion in 'British Indian Army' started by Maureene, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Okay, the file is HUGE...almost 130 MB, so...where do we go from here?
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    Would suggest you have a private conversation with ........................... Von Poop

    Could it be broken down into smaller sections ??

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    It's such a small book, in and of itself, less than forty pages, but I think the heavy graphics nature of it's content ended up making it such a large file.

    I know I could slam it onto my Dropbox, but how to distribute from there is the question.

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    To be clear, is this .pdf copy 'electronic' in the sense that you can use the search function to scan the text for words?
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    I'd have to ask Tom Cundiff, but I doubt it, I just wanted to get the book organized back into its original single page format.
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    Unfaded glory : the 8th Punjab Regiment 1798-1956 is available at the Imperial War Museums Library. As it was published in 2006, perhaps it may be possible to buy a second hand copy.

    The other two titles are available at the British Library, UIN: BLL01001795357 and UIN: BLL01001795372

    PAHAR - Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset (MCADD) includes some Gurkha Rifles histories, but not the one you are after. You could try writing to the website editor, asking if they could try to obtain, and digitise, the title you are interested in, which you should provide details of.

    Perhaps The Frontier Force Regiment. Compiled by Brigadier W. E. H. Condon may also fall within the geographic area covered by PAHAR and you could also include this in your request.
    However, I think Unfaded glory would be too recent a book, apart from the fact the constituent regiments were originally from Madras, although it is now a Pakistan regiment.

    Even if you ask, they may not be able to source copies to digitise. Still, probably worth trying.

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    Seeing as we've wandered a bit and I don't think I've seen them mentioned yet, for the sake of completeness, there are also the 'Western Theatre' Indian Army histories:

    The Tiger Strikes
    The Tiger Kills (Govt. of India(?) hardback)
    The Tiger Kills (HMSO abridged version)
    The Tiger Triumphs

    The last two, being HMSO publications, are relatively easy to find. The first two are trickier - especially the second one as a consequence of its rarity and ambiguous seller descriptions. It's not common knowledge that there are two different editions of TTK.
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    I have more on that here:

    Family Soldiers: 1/4th Essex (WW2) & 25 Field Regiment R.A.(Post-War)
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    The above titles are available online
    The Tiger Strikes
    The Tiger Strikes : Not Available : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    The Tiger Kills (Indian edition)
    The Tiger Kills(1944) : Cayton Printing Press Bombay : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    The Tiger Triumphs (transcribed edition)
    The Tiger Triumphs. The Story of Three Great Divisions in Italy. 1946. Foreword. Table of Contents.

    Many volumes of the Indian Official History are also available online, see the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Second World War

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    Maureene, you are a true gem. Thanks for the links from PAHAR.
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    Agreed, THANK YOU, Maureene!
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    Perhaps I missed a meeting, but although a few of the pages have been rebound out of order The Fighting Fifth is also now available to download here:"War+Department,+Govt+of+British+India"

    The only one of these I do not have a copy of, then, is The Black Cat Division.

    If anybody missed one that is not now floating around in the ether, they should email me for a copy.

    Are we sure that Dryan67's checklist is complete?
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    YAY! Great find and we're getting there!
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    Now you mention it, it's missing 23 Ind Div: The Fighting Cock. There's also a 'long' history with the same title.
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    I just recalled that I found a more unusual Indian history (though not a short one) online before Christmas:

    The White Belts: History of the Corps of Military Police (New Delhi: Lancer Publishers, 1982)

    The White Belts, history of the Corps of Military Police.

    (Download links in the left side-bar)

    This contains a huge amount of material on 4th Indian Division, but much else besides.
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