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    A long shot - thanks for your expert advice - some wishful thinking on my part I realise - I can see the driver's hatch lid raised now. I definitely remember a newsreel and moving pictures. George may have changed tanks but I have no information about that until the unit moved over to using LVT Buffalos for the Walcheren operation. My dad always said he'd driven a tank, but he was definitely a gunner on D-Day. As far as I know, the crews were trained to do each other's tasks, so he may well have driven at some point..

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    Hi all,
    Could you help me to understand how sapper MANUEL was KIA ?
    Xavier P.

    "4. AVRE (callsign 2A) with Log Carpet and Twin Boase Bangalore & towing Porpoise commanded by Captain Arthur LOW (226292), 2 Troop Leader, 77 Aslt Sqn RE
    Crew: Sapper YOUNG, No.2154346 Sapper John Kenneth MANUEL (KIA) (Gunner/Mortarman), Lance Corporal PARSONS (WIA) (Demolition NCO), Sapper SAMSON (WIA) (Driver) and one other"
  3. Spr MANUEL was killed when his AVRE was hit by an anti tank shell in the turret gun mantlet during the attack on LION-SUR-MER (Strongpoint TROUT) in support of 41 RM Commando between 1200-1400 hours on D Day. See Capt LOW's account in the attachments to Marc's post here sgt myhill (eddie) Royal Engineers 77 Assault Sqn from swansea

    L cpl PARSONS and Spr SAMSON had already just been wounded by hits in the co-driver's plate and driver's visor block respectively.

    It was during that same action that Spr NORRIS earned his Military Medal and Capt McLENNAN his Military Cross. See sgt myhill (eddie) Royal Engineers 77 Assault Sqn from swansea and following post.

    For an accurate and beautifully done scale rendition of Captain LOW's tank as it must have looked right after landing, see here:
    Boase Bangalore and Log Carpet- Photo Heavy

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