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  1. Terry Fade

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    Family friend trying to locate father's war records or any more information.
    Sam Houston, served during World War II and she wants to apply for his Army Records. The problem is that we do not know his service number or what Regiment he was in.
    What we do know is:-
    • Name: Samuel Houston.
    • DOB: 10th September 1922
    • Place of Birth: Glasgow.
    • He died in Torquay, Devon circa 2005 aged 83 years.
    • It is possible that Sam was originally in the HLI as his brother George Houston (Doddie) was in that Regiment and died in Abyssinia, North Africa in action at the Battle of Keren in 1941. He was only 20 years old.
    See :-
    • Sam then ended up in a Commando Regiment and took part in Operation Archery see
    • He was seriously injured behind the lines in France we believe and he spent circa 18 months in hospital in the UK recovering from very serious wounds before being demobbed.
    Sam was in the Paisley branch of the British Legion for many years after the war. I often went up there for a game of snooker and a pint with him.
    If anyone can help I know you guys can.


  2. Owen

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    You only need his name & DoB which you have.
    As he was wounded he should be on the casualty lists on FindMyPast.
    That should help you find his number if you really want to know.
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  3. Terry Fade

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    Thanks Owen. Appreciated
  4. Tony56

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    There is a Houston of the Highland Light Infantry in the casualty lists but the problem is that his initials are J S.

    Death was Q3 2006, you will need a death certificate to add to the information provided by Owen, necessary details here:
    Record set England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
    First name(s) Samuel
    Last name Houston
    Gender Male
    Birth day 10
    Birth month 9
    Birth year 1922
    Age -
    Death quarter 3
    Death year 2006
    District Torbay
    District number 4221A
    Register number A100A
    Entry number 223
    Date of registration mm/yy 0906
    County Devon
    Country England
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  5. Terry Fade

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    Thanks Tony appreciated, I will be looking in detail tomorrow.
  6. Tony56

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  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Forms you need are Request records of deceased service personnel

    and they state (as mentioned by Owen)


    Also states

    "b. A copy of the service person’s death certificate if the individual died following discharge from the service."
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  8. Terry Fade

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    Very helpful, thanks Tricky.
  9. Tony56

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    Did Samuel have a middle name?

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