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    Hi everyone

    "Onore al Merito" or "To Whom Honour is Due", British Embassy Rome, 1946

    I am a Trustee of the Monte San Martino Trust whose purpose is to promulgate the story of the courageous assistance given by the Italian contadini (peasants/sharecroppers) to Allied PoWs and other escapers between Sept 1943 and the end of the 2nd World War.

    Immediately post-war, the Allied Screening Commission was set up in Rome to process up to 80,000 cases of assistance given by the Italian population to escapers and evaders. We are trying to unearth a copy of the above film, which was made to illustrate the work of the ASC. I attach a chapter dedicated to this film from a book (My Italian Adventures: An English Girl at War 1943-47) by Lucy de Burgh, the wife of the officer commanding the ASC.

    My information (though I cannot guarantee its accuracy) is that this was produced by Lion Films.

    So far I have not come up with any result from the most obvious sources, and am therefore casting my net wider. I wonder if anyone might be able to assist, either by carrying out some research into your own archives, or by suggesting any other routes and avenues I should explore.

    With many thanks

    Anne View attachment de Burgh re film.pdf
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    Thanks vitellino

    I've got a request in to the IWM. Nothing comes up on their search engine.

    I'm also trying the British Embassy and British Council in Rome.

    Galvanising the Italian end would be useful. It may have ended up in someone's attic or private collection!

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