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    Hi, I would like to see if I could find any information out about my great-grandfather. Details below:

    Ronald William Waite
    Born 1910, Sussex
    Living in Glamorganshire as a bricklayer in 1939 census
    Died June 1941, Birmingham
    His obituary states "Mr Waite, who was 31, had been invalided out of the Army. He took part in the evacuation from Dunkirk and after his return to England had been with the bomb disposal unit." His occupation states that he wasn't in bomb disposal at the time of his death.

    I applied for his service record about 8 months ago but I am still yet to receive it. I know that he most likely served in the Royal Engineers, information which has been passed down from family members. Are there any records that I can consult in the meantime for the period of 1939-1941 relating to the Royal Engineers in France / in bomb disposal or would anyone be able to offer any potential insight into what he would have been doing? I am also wondering whether his activities in the bomb disposal unit would be covered by his service record, as it states he was invalided from the Army?

    Thank you in advance for help that anyone might be able to offer.
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    Welcome to the forum
    You have done the right thing applying for his records
    You will not find them on pay for sites on the internet
    Unless you are sure he was in RE then you will be on a wild goose chase until you get his records.


    Ronald William Waite (1910-1941) - Find A Grave...

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  3. George Satt

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    Thank you for the reply Clive.
    Do you know whether the bomb disposal records would be detailed on the Army service record? Or, would this come under a separate record?

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