Sea, Swell and Surf Forecasting for D-Day and Beyond The Anglo-American Effort, 1943-1945

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    Late in 1943, the British Admiralty became responsible for preparing the sea, swell and
    surfforecastsfor Operation OVERLORD, the world's largest amphibious assault. To do so, as
    of 1 February 1944, the Admiralty's Naval Meteorological Service activated a Swell Forecast
    Section. There follows a first-hand account of how this unit prepared the requisite wave
    predictions for D-Day (6 June 1944), the Big Storm (19-22 June 1944), and over-the-beach
    supply operations following the destruction of the artificial harbor at the OMAHA beachhead.
    The same British and American meteorologists were then posted to the Joint Meteorological
    Centre, Colombo, Ceylon to assist in the invasion of Rangoon, Burma (Operation DRACULA).
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    Very interesting information. Thank you for posting link!

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