scammell pioneers in german army?

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  1. hutchie

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    Ive come across different vehicles in ther german army but im curious to know if any scammell pioneers ever did? Either recovery forum or artillery tractor
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    Tankograd mentions Scammels in use by the German Army.

    This publication offers for the very first time a comprehensive overview on the various British Trucks in Wehrmacht Service, covering well-known models and makes such as the Bedford and the Morris-Commercial GS trucks in the 8cwt to 3-ton range, the heavy Scammell Pioneers and AEC Matadors, specialised vehicles such as cranes and field cars as well as many rarer makes, rarities and oddities.

    A special chapter also grants an overview on the Canadian-built vehicles of the British Army that served with the Afrikakorps.

  4. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Cheers adam & tom it just popped into my head and i was curious be interesting to see if anyone has any photos, ive seen a few recovery gantrys in german colours so be interesting to see some pioneers
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    20 photos in the book.

  6. hutchie

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    Thanks :) very interesting

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