s.s. Jacobus missing Movement Card

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    The Jacobus was a cargo ship of 1,262 grt, one of a fleet of six ships owned by Sir Erik Ohlson of Hull. On 25 May 1940 at least two of the crew paid off in Devonport and the ship was one of an unspecified number that were taken over for Special Service. Jacobus was one of seventeen sunk as blockships, mostly at Dunkirk, Dieppe and Zeebrugge.
    Would there be a record of these ships and who manned them etc etc. Also I cannot find a Movement Card for the ship up to that date on the TNA site.
    Another mystery ship is the Lom, who is recorded as picking up survivors from the Lancastria at St Nazaire.

    Wise men (and women) your help would be much appreciated!

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    There is a Log Book and Crew Agreement for JACOBUS O.N. 144045 for 1940 at Kew under ref BT 381/742, which you are probably aware of.

    She is also on the
    Crew List Index Project

    Regards, John

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    Many thanks TD
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    Many thanks John

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