Royal Warwickshire Regiment Wasey cup winners photo, India 1941.

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    This is a picture that was amongst my Grandfather's military pictures. He's not in it so guessing it got passed to him or it has a friend on it. Thought I'd post as a point of interest and incase somebody recognised one of the people in the picture. 20230815_172834.jpg

    No. 1 PL. (Signals) “H.Q.” COY.
    Winners of the WASEY CUP, GARDAI N.W.F.
    INDIA 1941

    Back Row: Pte. BERRY, L/C TARNEY, Pte. PROBERT, Pte. BENNETT, Pte. FRAY (Capt), Pte. COLES, L/C BLISSETT,
    Front Row: Pte MORGAN 77, Pete LIPPETT, Lt. M.E. COOKE (Coy. Comdr.) Sgt. H. SHUTTON (Sig. Sgt.) Pte. EXELL, Pte. STANLEY
    Sitting: L/C MOORE, Pte. BRYAN.
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    The war in Europe seems hundreds of years away looking at this tea time setting.

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    Guess there is always time for football?
    This would have been shortly before my grandad joined 151 parachute regiment so imagine maybe a few in the picture also did.
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    Cheers for the edit, makes sense really. Have a few other Royal Warwickshire pictures that'll add when I get chance.
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